Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dot.. dot... dot...

Hello, world!

It's 7 minutes to 1AM, which means that it's the perfect time to blog, of course! :D

Today has been particularly rough, as the Love of My Life is currently airborne en route to Dubai, and then to New York and then Barbados. I punched him and wiped some confused tears on his shirt right after I helped him pack up for the trip, so I guess I am really in love with him.

But it's OK, he'll only be gone for a week. I can persevere. Right? 

I've never debuted a blog with so much negative energy before, but then again, this is my fourth (fifth?) blog since I had to forcefully shut down the rest (more on that Drama later) over a decade of my blogging career. Ahem. Suffice to say that some people simply do not understand that a girl just has to write her heart out sometimes. :P

Which reminds me, I should tie up some loose ends before bedtime. I might perm my hair tomorrow, so I'm going to go to sleep sad and confused, but will wake up perky and forward thinking! 

Gifts from Hero before he departed! A gold dragon claw bracelet and a  raven claw necklace.
A couple that plays RPG together, stays together!  :D

A couple that reads books together, stays together!
This was a particularly sweet gesture, as I had Book One and Book Three,  and Hero bought me the Second Book even though he'd already read it. <3 


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