Wednesday, February 29, 2012

boyfriend versus girlfriend

My boyfriend is very goal oriented, and for some odd reason, he enjoys achieving the goals I set out for him, even when I do so unintentionally. I guess all guys feel pretty darn satisfied when they see the glee of surprise in their girlfriend's eyes.

She's much nicer in the video and not all annoying! Wub <3

So when I offhandedly mentioned that I started on the Jillian Michaels 6 Week Six Pack routine, I woke up to a early morning conversation about how he felt sore doing it too. One trash talk led to another, and since we started on the same time, we're basically competing to see who'll achieve the six pack in six weeks (ETA 9-April).

In This Corner, We Have....
Wewo is the most dedicated person I know. Seriously, dude wakes up at 5:30AM every day to work out. Even when he oversleeps, he still insists on exercising in the middle of the day to fully awaken his system. I on the other hand, depend on coffee to keep functioning throughout the day.

Wewo knows Wing Chun, Jujitsu, Kickboxing, Taekwondo and has been exercising everyday for the past 10 years. According to the Magic Weighing Machine at the Fitness Centre, Wewo is also 12kg off his ideal weight.

In The Other Corner, We Have .... 
I'm lazy when it comes to physical activity and am known for my sporadic bouts of exercises. I just completed one whole year of Aerial Yoga and Pole Dancing, but quit after I realized that I put on 4kg despite exercising 3 times a week. Before that, I had a gym membership, cheerleading and a black belt in Taekwondo.

According to the Magic Weighing Machine at the Fitness Centre, I am 2kg off my ideal weight.

In terms of weight, I should be able to shed my extra belly fat faster as I'm smaller but Wewo is a very persistent man, and we enjoyed a thorough round of trash talking each other out. To be honest, I started it...

Wewo: Is that a challenge?
Me: No, no, no, a challenge would imply that you have some hope of actually winning...

And to my dismay, Wewo is already starting on the Level 2 of the 2-Part DVD whereas I'm still huffing and puffing my way through the beginner's segment on Level 1.

I love playing with my boyfriend, and I can't wait to kick his butt! (^_^) Meanwhile, I will also be documenting changes in my body every Monday (since that's when I first started the routine).

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

of tenancy deposits

Bachelor Pad featuring Memory Foam bed and Unifi = WIN! 

Wewo is finally settled into his place at Bangsar, which is pretty convenient as he can take the train to work and not have to fuss with driving and parking. Score! 

He also has his own bathroom and heater. Score! 

The place has a nice swimming pool. Score! 

We'll be shopping for a fridge and electric pot next, so we can have soup at home and continue our streak of being anti-social by staying in and talking to each other about R.A. Salvatore's books.

Yes, Wewo and I are those couples who can spend hours doing nothing but  talking about books. I was pleasantly surprised when he listened raptly and gave his view on the world of Twilight as I expounded on the uniqueness of each Cullen vampire. IMHO, dudes who bash on Twilight without even reading the book are very uncivilized. Don't tell me you've seen the movie and hate it, idiot. Read the damn books, lazy bum! 

Ahem, digressing~

Being the paranoid obsessive compulsive person that I am, I heartily volunteered to draft up a deposit agreement thingy that has No Legal Power other than making you feel like a twat if you go against the understanding between sub-tenant and tenant. 

Just change the words highlighted in pink! 

You can download my Microsoft Word version here, available on Mediafire

Speaking of humble abodes, I recently stumbled upon the Youtube account of this Really Pretty Korean Girl. Check out her apartment and cute hubby!

I always thought of dressing up our future apartment in purple and brown, but white doesn't seem too bad after all (^_^) Next year will be an interesting time!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Where Oscar Goes to the Vet

My Facebook Status Update while waiting at the Vet

So how was your Friday-slash-weekend?

Oscar gave me a mini-heart attack when I discovered that he basically lost control of his hind legs and could only waddle all over the place. I'm pretty sure my heart broke a little when the little furry guy stumbled over his clumsy feet and hit his chin against the hard tile floor.

So I then bundled Oscar into the car and visited our local friendly vet... who promptly turned him away after advising me to get his feet checked out before he becomes permanently paralyzed! Doc didn't have an X-Ray machine, so after Oscar cheekily peed at her office table, we turned around and drove around for a bit, looking for the recommended vet clinic.

I have scoliosis and my Dog has a genetic hip problem. Coincidence?

Oscar got his very own X-ray image burnt into a CD! And my dog eats painkillers now! Hardcore!

Long story short, Oscar's X-Ray image came out normal, so all he needs is plenty of rest (and love). For two to three months. So overall, I was a much more mellow person by Friday afternoon.

Speaking of which, if you're in Klang and you're in need of a seriously Nice Well Equipped Vet doc, do go to:

Thomas Animal Clinic & Pet Corner
No. 15 Jalan Mempelam
Off Persiaran Raja Muda Musa
41100 Klang, Selangor
Tel :  03-33717734

Branch Clinic:
16, Lorong Selampit 18B
Taman Klang Jaya
41200 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03-33240261

What I especially like about this clinic is that it's cheap (only RM100 for the X-Ray plus CD and consultation about what Oscar should do and eat for the next few months). The experienced doctor is also pretty nice and Oscar didn't bite any of the staff members. Also, no one remarked as I quietly hyperventilated in a corner as they scanned my little precious furball's bones for any fracture or dislocation... so that's always a plus for me.

Beautiful Weekend

I'm nearing my 12-month relationship anniversary, so I'm pretty sappy these days. Today, I educated Wewo on the beauty that is the Notebook, and it's safe to say that I have the Cutest Boyfriend Ever, especially when he turns all emo and wriggly whenever there's a Noah-and-Allie scene coming up.

Roasted Rice Green Tea Milk something-something from Chatime... it was OK, I guess. Bubble  tea is loaded with calories so drink with caution! Wewo gulped the entire thing down in less than 30 minutes though, so I guess he kinda liked it. He also vehemently complained about being very full after that, which also makes me suspect that this beverage can be a full meal on its own (-.-) 
In between getting sick on Korean Kim Chi and having other foods such as Cheese Crab, Fruit Cake, Wholewheat Pancakes, an American  Breakfast, Beef Brisket Noodles, Raw Mango Salad, Dry Noodles, Coffee, Oats and a cereal drink this weekend, we also spent quite a fair amount of time talking about our future.

I used to think that growing up meant standing on your own two feet and protecting your loved ones, but Wewo has taught me that true happiness can also be found in... letting go. Letting go of everything, and believing.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

water fasting results

what I look like at 1AM, still busy trolling

So I basically lasted only 20 hours of water fasting. The weird thing is that while I had no appetite to eat even after 20 hours, I found myself really, really tired - which is when I decided that I needed to eat in order to concentrate on getting work done. No work, no money, right? 

It's a good thing that I was working from home, as I basically spent the bulk of my day passing out despite the fact that I kept myself hydrated by drinking every hour. If you're going to fast, you're going to get really, really tired really fast, which is something you don't want to happen to you when you're out driving, running errands or at a high power meeting. 

Other Side Effects
1. Did Number Two in the loo much more often, like... more than once a day 
2. The only cause of bad breath was from sleeping too much, which meant that my mouth was closed for longer hours
3. Could read and write as normal, but physical activity like walking and sitting was very difficult... Lying down and rolling around was very tempting 
4. No appetite for food, or for Life 
5. I could fall asleep easily at the end of the day, despite the fact that I was already snoozing off a lot during the daytime

If you are going to try water fasting anyway, do consider slowly weaning yourself into the process by going on a week-long fruit diet beforehand. I think the problem was that I was already tired and working too much that the absence of food (i.e. the energy supply) just made my body's system crash. You should also clear out your entire schedule for the day. Trust me, water fasting is not something you want to try if you're going to be spending long hours on the road. 

I only had some corn and an egg the whole day today. My appetite is being curbed for some strange reason, so I am now having to be careful to feed myself at interval hours as the last thing I want is to develop gastric (=.=);  Water fasting CAN suppress your appetite, but I don't think it's healthy to starve your body in this manner. 

Soooo by 6PM, I was already lying on my bed, watching a Ryan Gosling movie and eating a whole Regular Domino's pizza on my own. No changes to my weight, but I did experience a little stomach gurgling action and woke up feeling hungry this morning. 

Overall, I'm chalking this one off as one of the dumbest things I've done this year :P 

In other news,

Wewo will be coming over tomorrow... to ask my parents something monumental. I shan't say, not yet! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

do you think i should be allowed to do lomo stuff?

I downloaded Picasa, so I'm in the midst of playing around with the software. Hence, COLLAGE TIME!!!  This week, I ate plenty of candy (well, last week too), played with Oscar, got stuck in a standstill traffic jam because a MASSIVE TRUCK FREAKIN' OVER TURNED RIGHT ON THE MIDDLE OF THE THREE LANE HIGHWAY, bought RM18.90 hair cream because I'm paranoid about my hair curls aaaaand, I printed out this awesome poster:

"Listen, Smile, Agree. And then do whatever you were gonna do anyway" ~ By Robert Downey Junior.

Water Fasting 
So I was researching on some diet fads when I came across Water Fasting. As I understand it, this fast involves taking nothing but drinking only water during your fasting period. While most people recommend fasting for 3 days, I found an enlightened spiritual master who chronicled the side effects of what happened during a 28 day water fast.

Long story short, I'm curious enough to see what happens during a water fast, especially since I'm working from home on Thursday and Friday anyway. Although technically, mine will only be a 2.5 day water fast, considering Wewo is against the idea of me not eating for fear of me losing my appetite permanently (because it has happened before and then my body started eating up my muscles).

Ooooh this will be interesting! I wonder if I'll even last one day of not eating anything!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

just an obligatory update


It's slightly past 1 in the morning right now and I'm foolishly still awake, despite knowing that when I go to bed and wake up at 7:30AM later, it will only be a Tuesday.

Obligatory photo op before I call it a day!

Nail Color of the Month 

Something pink for Valentine's Day. Done with a makeup sponge.
This was a messy mistake.
The original color was nude, and then I didn't like it so I just slapped other colors all over it ^_^ 

While Wewo was away, I rounded up the Mechanical Engineering boys and had a proper CNY dinner with them:

I told the Chinese Lady my name was Pamela, not Kamera ... (=.=);

The Last Yee Sang of 2012!

Engineers with their toys 

Engineers chillin'

Sipping Red Wine, Like a Sir.

Engineers with their toys (Well actually Sylv is an accountant/auditor-cum-honorary Engineer) 

Aaaaaaand... I'm off to bed.

I have a big shiny secret lurking in my drawer. But I shan't reveal it yet, for fear of jinxing the whole thing!

Monday, February 20, 2012

digital perm @ number76, mid valley! - update

18 days since my digital perm @ number76, mid valley 

I still have very visible ringlets. Hair is definitely not straight. I like ^_^ 

I've been washing my hair nearly everyday and I hardly blow dry my hair after the first week. I'll resume swimming this week, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the curls then (hopefully, nothing will happen... touch wood...)

I Can Has RPG Character Sheets!

Celebratory Japanese Dinner! 

Wewo is officially the top 3% creme-de-la-creme Worldwide at work, so we toasted to his sheer Awesomeness with some Tempura and Butterfish <3 OMG I've never driven all the way to KLIA and waited two hours just to wait for someone to come home... smarmy, huh... 


The problem with slacking around and feeling sorry for yourself while your boyfriend is away is that your work eventually catches up to you... which is why I just spent the past ten days shuffling work and getting things done.

When we're not doing The Normal Things Couples Do On Weekends, Wewo & I have a special interest in playing dice-rolling RPG : 

We're the Lego Characters Fighting for our LIVES on the Paper Grid.

My Stats (Before)

My compulsion to have everything done nice and proper eventually took over, and I couldn't help but redesign the character sheet to look something more... medieval, bad-ass dragon-ish... 

My Stats (After)

RPG is fun! Ours is made up on the spot by the Game Master though, so you'll never know what to expect! I've heard tales of previous campaigns involving butt sex and eye rape, but as we have two girls in the campaign right now, our GM will probably much more ... gentle. Plus, at some point I got so terrified about battling underground evil spirits that I actually began whimpering (=.=) 

Leave a comment if you are interested in getting a soft copy version of the Character Sheet for your own perusal. I designed it in Excel format. 

In other news... all good news. I haven't been blogging for awhile, so do stay tuned for other revelations.  :) 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Evidence that Jane Austen is Awesome

“I always keep a picture of Jane Austen’s tiny writing table pinned over my desk; if six of the world’s greatest novels can be written on a tea table, anything can happen.” --LuAnn Walther, Senior Vice President, Editorial Director, Vintage Books & Anchor Books

In other news, the Chinese New Year holidays are officially over.. so I'm still trying to recover from sleeping at 3AM and waking up way past 10AM everyday :( Writing work is piling up and is threatening to drown me in guilt!

In happier news, Hero is back in the country again, so all is well again. Life is Good <3

Saturday, February 4, 2012

my first home will have a library instead of a tv!

Oscar got a haircut today! For RM120, furball is looking goooood 
I have just begun a 5-day holiday, which means waking up at 11 in the morning and staying up way past my bedtime to write and read. Thus far I have managed to process  : 
Shamo (manga)

Berserk (manga)
RA Salvatore's Icewind Dale Trilogy

Yes, they are all 'boy books', and I cringed as I ran through both manga but I'm glad I read it. If you have interests in:

i. marketing
ii. learning what people want versus what people need
iii. how life works 
iv. how to be awesome 
v. survive 
vi. challenge your moral values
vii. writing 

or if you are just plain bored, then you should always read ANYTHING! Be it storybooks, text books or comic books (don't read the newspaper though, that stuff's just plain depressing). If you don't read, you will never understand anything. And if you think reading is boring, then you just haven't found a good book to read yet. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

digital perm @ number76, mid valley!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now curly-haired! 

The only shot I have of my straight hair, cos Yoshi-sama lowered my chair down really low for some reason (=__=)

Along with my Very Expensive Receipt, I received a RM20 voucher, member card and Yoshi-sama's Name Card

Yoshi-sama aka Man with Magic Fingers. (=___=)

Final Result! I look orange because it was 1020pm by the time I got home, and only the orange lights were on
(plus I STILL don't know how to Photoshop)

Digital Perm Review
I've tried the Japanese Perm and the Cold Perm before this, and it always left my hair looking dry and messy. Although my digital perm took 3.5 HOURS, my hair is healthy and Yoshi-sama tells me that all I need to do is blow dry my hair, add some serum and I'm good. 

number76 Review
I visited the number76 branch at North Point, Mid Valley but they also have another branch at Mont Kiara. I must admit that I was pretty apprehensive when entering the shop as all the hair stylists looked as though they were about to break into a J-Pop dance move at any minute. And they were all so purrrrdy to look at (>.<)

Even though they stopped receiving customers at 7, Yoshi-sama attended to my hair till 9pm and he couldn't stand my unkempt hair, so he helped snip off my messy ends and fringe for free of charge. I've read horror stories where digital perms don't turn out at all (see: Beautyfool), so I made the Executive Decision of opting for the expensive hairstylist, complete with fashionable shoes and magic fingers to boot. My hair is really curly now, and they really took care of my needs, so if you're going to do something drastic to your hair, then I highly recommend number76 studio. Yoshi-sama is the bomb!

Plus everyone there is so purrrrdy and the place smells so nice... 

How to Get to number76 (Directions)
1. Park at Mid Valley Megamall
2. Go up to the first floor and head towards Guardian on the North Court
3. Keep walking and you will come across a bridge.
4. Cross bridge. You are now in North Point residents! 
5. Keep on walking until you come across an escalator. Take escalator down.
6. Look for a Maybank ATM machine. 
7. When the machine is right in front of you, turn right and walk on.
8. If you see a laundry shop (called Hangerr?), you are on the right path. Keep following the corridor. 
9. number76 is right next door.

Whee, that was fun! It's like writing my very own walkthrough! :D  

Tips Before Stepping into number76
1. Look nice. I'm not kidding when I say that everybody in there looks like they just stepped out of a Pop Video. Looking shabby is not an option. Wear a clean t-shirt at least! 
2. For your piece of mind, ask about the cost first before you sit down. This place is pricey, but it's OK. Because it's the kind of place that makes you happpppyyyy 
3. Be punctual. I was late half an hour, so Yoshi-sama suddenly had to cater to two girls at once. Naturally, I had to wait since I was late. Uhm, serves me right :( 
4. Oh yeah, do make a booking as I permed my hair on a work day, and it was a full house! Be patient as the receptionist is not a local, and cannot speak proper English. Brownie points for you if you speak fluent Japanese.
5. If you want to impress Yoshi-sama, speak Japanese. Which I failed to do. All I could say was ちょっと and めんどうくさい ... (=____=)
6. Pay in cash. Trust me, you'll feel much better knowing that you're not going into debt for curly hair. 

The Digital Perm Process
Step 1. Hairstyle discussion (big curl? small curl? hair magazines will be given)

<if your hair looks dirty, Yoshi-sama will make you wash your hair before he cuts it>

Step 2. Haircut so hair will look nicely shaped after perm
Step 3. Weird chemical is methodically slathered onto segmented hair, which is then wrapped with plastic. Yoshi-sama periodically pulls at my hair to check the elasticity. 
Step 4. Hair wash to remove weird chemical. 
Step 5. Hair is put into rollers, which is then attached to machine with many wires! I considered taking a picture, but...  it's hard to look good when your head is attached to machinery. 
Step 6. Your ears will burn, but it's OK. Just look at the pretty boys and girls, and the sensation will soon go away (uhm, quite possibly because your ears go numb)
Step 7. The heating machine only takes 15 minutes, but Yoshi-sama wasn't happy with the results, so I had to wait for a grand total of 45 minutes. He commented that my elephant-like hair is similar to rebonded hair, although I have never done that procedure before. 
Step 8. Rollers come off! More weird chemical is lathered on my hair, probably to deep condition my hair for another 10 minutes
Step 9. Final hair wash! Yoshi-sama ends the day with a head, neck and shoulder massage. Ohhh, shy (>_<)
Step 10. Hair blown into place and Yoshi-sama patiently teaches you how to care for your hair. 
Step 11. Bow a lot to everybody for causing them so much trouble and for having to stay back late.
Step 12. Pay money, go home! 

How Much?
Hehe, I was under the impression that I would get a discount if I quoted cheeserland or fourfeetnine, but all Yoshi-sama said was "oh, you read those blogs often"? I paid RM500 for my digital perm + hair trim, which was OK considering that I spent nearly four hours in the hair salon. 

They also gave me a RM20 voucher which is valid for a year, so leave a Comment if you would like to get it from me! 

P/S - 5 more days till Hero comes back!

2013 Update: I cut my hair super short at number76! Read about my short hair cut after three years at number76 Bangsar Branch

2013 Update: Check out my hair condition after not cutting it for almost one year

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dot.. dot... dot...

Hello, world!

It's 7 minutes to 1AM, which means that it's the perfect time to blog, of course! :D

Today has been particularly rough, as the Love of My Life is currently airborne en route to Dubai, and then to New York and then Barbados. I punched him and wiped some confused tears on his shirt right after I helped him pack up for the trip, so I guess I am really in love with him.

But it's OK, he'll only be gone for a week. I can persevere. Right? 

I've never debuted a blog with so much negative energy before, but then again, this is my fourth (fifth?) blog since I had to forcefully shut down the rest (more on that Drama later) over a decade of my blogging career. Ahem. Suffice to say that some people simply do not understand that a girl just has to write her heart out sometimes. :P

Which reminds me, I should tie up some loose ends before bedtime. I might perm my hair tomorrow, so I'm going to go to sleep sad and confused, but will wake up perky and forward thinking! 

Gifts from Hero before he departed! A gold dragon claw bracelet and a  raven claw necklace.
A couple that plays RPG together, stays together!  :D

A couple that reads books together, stays together!
This was a particularly sweet gesture, as I had Book One and Book Three,  and Hero bought me the Second Book even though he'd already read it. <3 

This are is left blank on purpose