Monday, February 20, 2012

digital perm @ number76, mid valley! - update

18 days since my digital perm @ number76, mid valley 

I still have very visible ringlets. Hair is definitely not straight. I like ^_^ 

I've been washing my hair nearly everyday and I hardly blow dry my hair after the first week. I'll resume swimming this week, so it will be interesting to see what happens to the curls then (hopefully, nothing will happen... touch wood...)


  1. Did the chlorine from the swimming pools effect your perm in any way? I also got a perm done a few weeks ago but I'm too scared to jump in a pool yet- just in case it loosens it haha. Would love to hear your experience!

  2. Hey Ivy,

    Sorry for the late reply! I just got married! *throw confetti*

    I have good news! My hair was curly even after going for many swims. However, you must comb your curls out and blow dry them properly afterwards to prevent tangles, ya. Digitally permed curls are the best! Mine lasted for more than 8 months before I decided to trim it off :)


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