Thursday, February 2, 2012

digital perm @ number76, mid valley!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am now curly-haired! 

The only shot I have of my straight hair, cos Yoshi-sama lowered my chair down really low for some reason (=__=)

Along with my Very Expensive Receipt, I received a RM20 voucher, member card and Yoshi-sama's Name Card

Yoshi-sama aka Man with Magic Fingers. (=___=)

Final Result! I look orange because it was 1020pm by the time I got home, and only the orange lights were on
(plus I STILL don't know how to Photoshop)

Digital Perm Review
I've tried the Japanese Perm and the Cold Perm before this, and it always left my hair looking dry and messy. Although my digital perm took 3.5 HOURS, my hair is healthy and Yoshi-sama tells me that all I need to do is blow dry my hair, add some serum and I'm good. 

number76 Review
I visited the number76 branch at North Point, Mid Valley but they also have another branch at Mont Kiara. I must admit that I was pretty apprehensive when entering the shop as all the hair stylists looked as though they were about to break into a J-Pop dance move at any minute. And they were all so purrrrdy to look at (>.<)

Even though they stopped receiving customers at 7, Yoshi-sama attended to my hair till 9pm and he couldn't stand my unkempt hair, so he helped snip off my messy ends and fringe for free of charge. I've read horror stories where digital perms don't turn out at all (see: Beautyfool), so I made the Executive Decision of opting for the expensive hairstylist, complete with fashionable shoes and magic fingers to boot. My hair is really curly now, and they really took care of my needs, so if you're going to do something drastic to your hair, then I highly recommend number76 studio. Yoshi-sama is the bomb!

Plus everyone there is so purrrrdy and the place smells so nice... 

How to Get to number76 (Directions)
1. Park at Mid Valley Megamall
2. Go up to the first floor and head towards Guardian on the North Court
3. Keep walking and you will come across a bridge.
4. Cross bridge. You are now in North Point residents! 
5. Keep on walking until you come across an escalator. Take escalator down.
6. Look for a Maybank ATM machine. 
7. When the machine is right in front of you, turn right and walk on.
8. If you see a laundry shop (called Hangerr?), you are on the right path. Keep following the corridor. 
9. number76 is right next door.

Whee, that was fun! It's like writing my very own walkthrough! :D  

Tips Before Stepping into number76
1. Look nice. I'm not kidding when I say that everybody in there looks like they just stepped out of a Pop Video. Looking shabby is not an option. Wear a clean t-shirt at least! 
2. For your piece of mind, ask about the cost first before you sit down. This place is pricey, but it's OK. Because it's the kind of place that makes you happpppyyyy 
3. Be punctual. I was late half an hour, so Yoshi-sama suddenly had to cater to two girls at once. Naturally, I had to wait since I was late. Uhm, serves me right :( 
4. Oh yeah, do make a booking as I permed my hair on a work day, and it was a full house! Be patient as the receptionist is not a local, and cannot speak proper English. Brownie points for you if you speak fluent Japanese.
5. If you want to impress Yoshi-sama, speak Japanese. Which I failed to do. All I could say was ちょっと and めんどうくさい ... (=____=)
6. Pay in cash. Trust me, you'll feel much better knowing that you're not going into debt for curly hair. 

The Digital Perm Process
Step 1. Hairstyle discussion (big curl? small curl? hair magazines will be given)

<if your hair looks dirty, Yoshi-sama will make you wash your hair before he cuts it>

Step 2. Haircut so hair will look nicely shaped after perm
Step 3. Weird chemical is methodically slathered onto segmented hair, which is then wrapped with plastic. Yoshi-sama periodically pulls at my hair to check the elasticity. 
Step 4. Hair wash to remove weird chemical. 
Step 5. Hair is put into rollers, which is then attached to machine with many wires! I considered taking a picture, but...  it's hard to look good when your head is attached to machinery. 
Step 6. Your ears will burn, but it's OK. Just look at the pretty boys and girls, and the sensation will soon go away (uhm, quite possibly because your ears go numb)
Step 7. The heating machine only takes 15 minutes, but Yoshi-sama wasn't happy with the results, so I had to wait for a grand total of 45 minutes. He commented that my elephant-like hair is similar to rebonded hair, although I have never done that procedure before. 
Step 8. Rollers come off! More weird chemical is lathered on my hair, probably to deep condition my hair for another 10 minutes
Step 9. Final hair wash! Yoshi-sama ends the day with a head, neck and shoulder massage. Ohhh, shy (>_<)
Step 10. Hair blown into place and Yoshi-sama patiently teaches you how to care for your hair. 
Step 11. Bow a lot to everybody for causing them so much trouble and for having to stay back late.
Step 12. Pay money, go home! 

How Much?
Hehe, I was under the impression that I would get a discount if I quoted cheeserland or fourfeetnine, but all Yoshi-sama said was "oh, you read those blogs often"? I paid RM500 for my digital perm + hair trim, which was OK considering that I spent nearly four hours in the hair salon. 

They also gave me a RM20 voucher which is valid for a year, so leave a Comment if you would like to get it from me! 

P/S - 5 more days till Hero comes back!

2013 Update: I cut my hair super short at number76! Read about my short hair cut after three years at number76 Bangsar Branch

2013 Update: Check out my hair condition after not cutting it for almost one year


  1. elo! hehe i google number76 to look for some reviews. want to dye my hair for cny! (:

  2. Hey Adeline!!! :) So did you dye your hair in the end? Number76 can do all kinds of fun colours! I want to try dip dye! A lot of people recommend Hikki and Steve for hair coloring, but I think Yoshi sama is the most handsome ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Erm, I can't remember the size but the rollers were the small ones. Everytime I perm my hair, hairstylists always recommend smaller rollers because the curls will then last longer. :)

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  5. Hi, nice curls..would you happen to know the brand of the chemicals they used? Coz the outcome will depend on the products being used on your hair.. thanks

  6. Hello Felipe :) No... sorry, I do not know but you can ask them on their Facebook Page:

  7. Hello! I know this post is from 2 years ago but I just wanted to ask, did the perm last? And after taking a bath, do you still have to blow dry your permed hair? Thanks.

    1. Hello Shai! Yes, the perm lasted for a year+. Very value for money! Yes, Yoshi advised to blow dry the hair after bath but I usually just twirl it and leave it to air dry in wet curls :P

      I would love to perm my hair again when it's long!

  8. Hi. I will like to ask. Have you colour your hair before ? I dont know which stylist to choose from since It will be my first time. Hope you can help me. Can I email you personally ?

  9. Hi. I will like to ask. Have you colour your hair before ? I dont know which stylist to choose from since It will be my first time. Hope you can help me. Can I email you personally ?

    1. Hi Nurfazlina,

      Yes! I've been colouring my hair since I finish SPM (huhuhuhuhu). In terms of stylist, the only stylist who makes me satisfied all the time is Yoshi ( but he is one of the most expensive. You can also make a booking online here:

      Yes, feel free to email me at yeepam (a) gmail. :)

  10. Hi !! I tried to emailed you but it stated the email address was error


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