Wednesday, February 22, 2012

do you think i should be allowed to do lomo stuff?

I downloaded Picasa, so I'm in the midst of playing around with the software. Hence, COLLAGE TIME!!!  This week, I ate plenty of candy (well, last week too), played with Oscar, got stuck in a standstill traffic jam because a MASSIVE TRUCK FREAKIN' OVER TURNED RIGHT ON THE MIDDLE OF THE THREE LANE HIGHWAY, bought RM18.90 hair cream because I'm paranoid about my hair curls aaaaand, I printed out this awesome poster:

"Listen, Smile, Agree. And then do whatever you were gonna do anyway" ~ By Robert Downey Junior.

Water Fasting 
So I was researching on some diet fads when I came across Water Fasting. As I understand it, this fast involves taking nothing but drinking only water during your fasting period. While most people recommend fasting for 3 days, I found an enlightened spiritual master who chronicled the side effects of what happened during a 28 day water fast.

Long story short, I'm curious enough to see what happens during a water fast, especially since I'm working from home on Thursday and Friday anyway. Although technically, mine will only be a 2.5 day water fast, considering Wewo is against the idea of me not eating for fear of me losing my appetite permanently (because it has happened before and then my body started eating up my muscles).

Ooooh this will be interesting! I wonder if I'll even last one day of not eating anything!


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