Monday, February 20, 2012

I Can Has RPG Character Sheets!

Celebratory Japanese Dinner! 

Wewo is officially the top 3% creme-de-la-creme Worldwide at work, so we toasted to his sheer Awesomeness with some Tempura and Butterfish <3 OMG I've never driven all the way to KLIA and waited two hours just to wait for someone to come home... smarmy, huh... 


The problem with slacking around and feeling sorry for yourself while your boyfriend is away is that your work eventually catches up to you... which is why I just spent the past ten days shuffling work and getting things done.

When we're not doing The Normal Things Couples Do On Weekends, Wewo & I have a special interest in playing dice-rolling RPG : 

We're the Lego Characters Fighting for our LIVES on the Paper Grid.

My Stats (Before)

My compulsion to have everything done nice and proper eventually took over, and I couldn't help but redesign the character sheet to look something more... medieval, bad-ass dragon-ish... 

My Stats (After)

RPG is fun! Ours is made up on the spot by the Game Master though, so you'll never know what to expect! I've heard tales of previous campaigns involving butt sex and eye rape, but as we have two girls in the campaign right now, our GM will probably much more ... gentle. Plus, at some point I got so terrified about battling underground evil spirits that I actually began whimpering (=.=) 

Leave a comment if you are interested in getting a soft copy version of the Character Sheet for your own perusal. I designed it in Excel format. 

In other news... all good news. I haven't been blogging for awhile, so do stay tuned for other revelations.  :) 


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