Tuesday, February 21, 2012

just an obligatory update


It's slightly past 1 in the morning right now and I'm foolishly still awake, despite knowing that when I go to bed and wake up at 7:30AM later, it will only be a Tuesday.

Obligatory photo op before I call it a day!

Nail Color of the Month 

Something pink for Valentine's Day. Done with a makeup sponge.
This was a messy mistake.
The original color was nude, and then I didn't like it so I just slapped other colors all over it ^_^ 

While Wewo was away, I rounded up the Mechanical Engineering boys and had a proper CNY dinner with them:

I told the Chinese Lady my name was Pamela, not Kamera ... (=.=);

The Last Yee Sang of 2012!

Engineers with their toys 

Engineers chillin'

Sipping Red Wine, Like a Sir.

Engineers with their toys (Well actually Sylv is an accountant/auditor-cum-honorary Engineer) 

Aaaaaaand... I'm off to bed.

I have a big shiny secret lurking in my drawer. But I shan't reveal it yet, for fear of jinxing the whole thing!


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