Tuesday, February 28, 2012

of tenancy deposits

Bachelor Pad featuring Memory Foam bed and Unifi = WIN! 

Wewo is finally settled into his place at Bangsar, which is pretty convenient as he can take the train to work and not have to fuss with driving and parking. Score! 

He also has his own bathroom and heater. Score! 

The place has a nice swimming pool. Score! 

We'll be shopping for a fridge and electric pot next, so we can have soup at home and continue our streak of being anti-social by staying in and talking to each other about R.A. Salvatore's books.

Yes, Wewo and I are those couples who can spend hours doing nothing but  talking about books. I was pleasantly surprised when he listened raptly and gave his view on the world of Twilight as I expounded on the uniqueness of each Cullen vampire. IMHO, dudes who bash on Twilight without even reading the book are very uncivilized. Don't tell me you've seen the movie and hate it, idiot. Read the damn books, lazy bum! 

Ahem, digressing~

Being the paranoid obsessive compulsive person that I am, I heartily volunteered to draft up a deposit agreement thingy that has No Legal Power other than making you feel like a twat if you go against the understanding between sub-tenant and tenant. 

Just change the words highlighted in pink! 

You can download my Microsoft Word version here, available on Mediafire

Speaking of humble abodes, I recently stumbled upon the Youtube account of this Really Pretty Korean Girl. Check out her apartment and cute hubby!

I always thought of dressing up our future apartment in purple and brown, but white doesn't seem too bad after all (^_^) Next year will be an interesting time!


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