Saturday, February 25, 2012

water fasting results

what I look like at 1AM, still busy trolling

So I basically lasted only 20 hours of water fasting. The weird thing is that while I had no appetite to eat even after 20 hours, I found myself really, really tired - which is when I decided that I needed to eat in order to concentrate on getting work done. No work, no money, right? 

It's a good thing that I was working from home, as I basically spent the bulk of my day passing out despite the fact that I kept myself hydrated by drinking every hour. If you're going to fast, you're going to get really, really tired really fast, which is something you don't want to happen to you when you're out driving, running errands or at a high power meeting. 

Other Side Effects
1. Did Number Two in the loo much more often, like... more than once a day 
2. The only cause of bad breath was from sleeping too much, which meant that my mouth was closed for longer hours
3. Could read and write as normal, but physical activity like walking and sitting was very difficult... Lying down and rolling around was very tempting 
4. No appetite for food, or for Life 
5. I could fall asleep easily at the end of the day, despite the fact that I was already snoozing off a lot during the daytime

If you are going to try water fasting anyway, do consider slowly weaning yourself into the process by going on a week-long fruit diet beforehand. I think the problem was that I was already tired and working too much that the absence of food (i.e. the energy supply) just made my body's system crash. You should also clear out your entire schedule for the day. Trust me, water fasting is not something you want to try if you're going to be spending long hours on the road. 

I only had some corn and an egg the whole day today. My appetite is being curbed for some strange reason, so I am now having to be careful to feed myself at interval hours as the last thing I want is to develop gastric (=.=);  Water fasting CAN suppress your appetite, but I don't think it's healthy to starve your body in this manner. 

Soooo by 6PM, I was already lying on my bed, watching a Ryan Gosling movie and eating a whole Regular Domino's pizza on my own. No changes to my weight, but I did experience a little stomach gurgling action and woke up feeling hungry this morning. 

Overall, I'm chalking this one off as one of the dumbest things I've done this year :P 

In other news,

Wewo will be coming over tomorrow... to ask my parents something monumental. I shan't say, not yet! 


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