Tuesday, March 27, 2012

introducing shiro

Have you heard of Shiro the Cat?

Wewo's facing a crossroad right now and I myself am literally lost in a whole pile of work (again), which made me wish that we could embody the AWESOMENESS that is this Cat. 

So I made Shiro Bookmarks.  

Step One: Print and Laminate

I stuffed as many Shiros as possible into one frame for him

Leftover Shiros are encased in a separate Picture Frame for me!

One for Me, One for Him

Wewo placed his at the office where he's most serious (and most bad ass) whereas mine is on my bedroom wall, right next to my Lucky Japanese Fortune and Studio Ghibli token.

And... Just in case you wanna print out your very own Shiro:

Shiro's ability to not give a damn is truly inspirational. And funny, huh. :D  

Oscar is still My Favorite Dog in the Whole Universe, despite the fact that he is the oddest looking dog I've ever owned and he's kinda mean, bossy, stubborn and still has trouble walking properly. Grow old with me, OK, Oscar?

OK. I sleep now. Work, work.


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