Thursday, March 1, 2012

Once every 4 days

Happy Leap Year!

Neil Gaiman for the win <3

Garrett Popcorn Review

Ended the 29th of February by deciding to sabotage Wewo's 6 Pack Goal with some gourmet popcorn! 

Cashew-Caramel Crisp

We were both Garrett Popcorns virgins, and I gotta say... for RM19, this popcorn is pretty unsatisfying. The problem is that unlike its namesake would have otherwise suggested, Garrett popcorn is actually not crispy at all. I like my popcorn crunchy, so for me, I would opt for the TGV Popcorn over Garrett Popcorn any other day. The fact that I brought home half a bag of it is also a testament to how absolutely "meh" the product is. Normally, Wewo and I would be hustling to polish off an entire box of medium-sized butter popcorn but today, none of us really wanted seconds. 


His Bonus Loot!

Wewo received a mini box of Laurent-Perrier champagne for his great performance at work last year. Did you know that champagne should be kept in cool, dark places else it'll turn into vinegar? We're keeping it for either a wedding or to celebrate babies. It's gonna last a long time since I can't take alcohol without falling asleep pretty quickly (^_^);


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