Monday, April 30, 2012

the art of letting go

Starting a teeny tiny flame war on Facebook is probably not a very bright idea, especially since I Should Be Old Enough to Know Better. But sometimes, one cannot help but feel obliged to help people see the truth, eh? Wewo summed up Bersih 3.0 best when he asked:

What is the Best Case Scenario people are hoping for? They are not hoping for clean elections. They are hoping that Anwar Ibrahim makes Prime Minister of Malaysia. Right, as if nothing can go wrong there.

What is the Worst Case Scenario people are fearing? That BN will remain in ruling and the management methods will not change. IMHO, the party itself will change from the inside-out, clean elections or not. Change is not only necessary, but inevitable. 

Since I am already pretty set on my opinions, I have decided to stay off Facebook for the entire month of May. If you can't say anything nice, why say anything at all, eh? I also already pretty much know who I am going to vote for, and it's uncanny how in the end, my mother is always right - even when it comes to politics. (^_^); 


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