Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bersih 3.0, Bah.

I survived three weeks of headache, flu, cough and fever! Yay! :D

Today marked Bersih 3.0. Disgusting. Everything about it was DIRTY AND DISGUSTING. I used to know who I was going to vote for, but now I've turned into a swing voter, because I'm really not sure which party is more idiotic.

During the illegal rally (thousands of protesters choosing to attend a rally doesn't make it LEGAL), a police car was hammered with bricks, water bottles and even barrier items, causing the driver to lose control and kill one bystander. 

Naturally, it is the policeman's fault. For driving there. For being there. For existing. For trying to uphold the law. Great idea, folks. Let's just all lock the police up and take the law into our hands. Boy, I can't imagine anything that will go wrong with that idea. No, no, let's not blame the people who threw stones and got away  with it. After all, they're the HEROES OF BERSIH, right? 

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On the upside, at least it provided me with an opportunity to clean my Facebook of oblivious fools who chose to belittle my opinions. 

If you think that your life will be better just because your government is better, then there is clearly something very wrong with you. Your life will be better ONLY WHEN YOU WORK FOR IT! 


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