Monday, April 16, 2012

i live again (cough, cough)

sore throat, fever, cough, flu, cough, fever, sore throat, rinse and repeat

That's what's been happening to me in the past 6 days! That, and emotionally dealing with a newly repaired laptop which promptly died after only 3 days of usage. Fuuuuu (=____=);

On happier news, the keyboard on my Samsung N150 is alive again after I spilled a whole bunch of water on top of it! All I had to do was run a full System Restore! Who knew, right?! :D Yay! NO MORE LUGGING AROUND A BULKY KEYBOARD!

Still happily engaged, haven't a clue on how to get hitched (^_^)

I'm going to lie down now. Promised to go to see the doctor tomorrow if I'm not better. What is the threshold for staying in sick, anyway? 7 days?

Reading: Brent Weeks, who really does like maiming all female characters, seemingly for no reason. I am also reading/listening to Jim Butcher's Dresden Files on my new Sony headphones (it's pink!)
Weight: 52kg


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