Thursday, May 31, 2012

Engagement Announcement Shoot!

Here's a fun fact: I nearly dyed my hair flaming red ombre the day before this photoshoot. But then I watched the season finale of SMASH! and wanted to be Karen Cartwright, which explains why my hair is looking kind of undecided. The purple dress is not very suitable to be jumping and running around in, but it was the dress I wore on our First Date.

It's 2AM!

Before I get some shut eye, I would just like to warn you that Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker is haunting and makes for an interesting read. I finished Fifty Shades Freed in two hours though because I just skimmed through all the melodrama and boring (yes, boring) BDSM/sex scenes. And, I really hate Anastasia Steele, which is befuddling as I kinda like Bella Swan and Sookie Stackhouse.

I am now starting on Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Fingers crossed, as I have yet to find anything as satisfying as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files or the first two books of the Hunger Games trilogy.

OK, nights! Tomorrow will be interesting because I am about to spring a surprise on Wewo!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

fifty shades of business

Had a fun engagement announcement shoot last weekend. And we decided to drop by Melaka on the same day. And I got some work done. And lots of other things happened inbetween too, like more work. As a matter of fact, I'm going back to work right now. 

I'm also two-thirds through reading Fifty Shades of Grey. LOL the trilogy is so bad, that it's good! I liked Bella Swan but I absolutely cannot like Anastasia Steele at all, no matter how "breathtakingly beautiful" or "strong" she is. What is WRONG with that woman? IF CHRISTIAN GREY ASKS YOU TO USE YOUR BLACKBERRY, USE YOUR BLACKBERRY, DAMMIT.

Good night!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the disturbing love story

Do you like happy endings or bittersweet endings?

It's 1am again, and I'm about to have a pretty hectic Thursday to Sunday this week.
Expensive Underground Cafe that Doesn't Accept Credit Card, Cash Only yo! 

I had a RM256 dinner with Wewo today (more updates, tomorrow!).

Inbetween our decadent celebratory meal, Wewo reminded me of this short story by Neil Gaiman, which is about a pair of newlyweds.

The Disturbing Love Story

1. While sorting out their wedding gifts, the newlyweds come across a brown envelope. In the envelope is a stack of paper which contains a write up of their wedding. The details are very accurate, and the newlyweds simply assume that one of the wedding guests had taken the time to type out their wedding events.

2. A few years later, the wife comes across the envelope again. When she takes out the paper, she realizes that there are additional write ups at the last few pages. This time, the writing talks about how the lady is bitten by a crazy dog and has an ugly scar on her beautiful face. This in turn causes her husband to work late everyday and eventually cheat on her. None of these events are true. The wife tucks the paper away and assumes that someone had made a bad practical joke.

3. Life is good for the husband and wife. They are rich and successful and love each other very much.

4. A few years later, the husband comes across the envelope again. When he takes out the paper, he realizes that there are even more lies written on the paper. The writing explains how the husband lost his job, slept with his boss and that his wife suffered miscarriages, thereby causing the husband and wife to be even more unhappy with each other. None of these events are true in real life.

5. The husband then realizes that perhaps there is some magical property in the brown envelope, and tells his wife to keep the documents safe.

6. Life is good for the husband and wife. They are rich and successful and love each other very much. They have two beautiful children.

7. Years later, the husband dies of a heart attack.

8. While the children are out, the old wife cannot seem to stop missing her husband. She is like a walking zombie. She suddenly remembers the brown envelope.

9. In the paper, the written husband and wife are still suffering, with one big difference being that the husband is still alive.

10. So the wife burns the paper and she closes her eyes as she waits for the scar to appear on her cheek.

Would you go through horrible things, just so you could see your beloved again? Even if he or she has changed due to circumstances?

I would never have burned the paper, no matter how miserable I felt. But I nearly cried, but Wewo said that if I cried, he would cry too. I would leave it to you to guess which one of us shed tears in the end. (;¬_¬)

*note: do read the original story by Neil Gaiman! And his novels, too! They all have much happier endings.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

meet the designer on the road

"Vai don't yew travel around de worlde and write?" 
We had a Turk in the studio for the past two weeks. 

Picture taken in Mamak, bad lighting, and funny expressions. Nevermind, just pretend you didn't see, OK? (=.=) Aaaaamd, now you know what I look like after enduring only 6 hours of sleep the past two days.
Petite girls need plenty of rest! We should start a union!

This is Cagri Cankaya (Ahem, Cagri Can "Kaya", ohohohoh), he was a high flying designer in Turkey. He is the same age as me and is probably double my size in height. While the rest of us are busy saving up for houses and shoes, Cagri decided to drop everything and go around the world with NO MONEY and NO PLANS. His plan is to pay his way through his round-the-world trip by doing designs for local studios. I know, he's crazy. My first response was to ask, "does your mother know what you're doing?" but I didn't. 

He's nice, we like Cagri! 

Can you spot his name card? 

He's doing quite well, so far. His beer is sponsored and a Turkish airline is paying for all his tickets to anywhere across the world. People seem to pay for all his meals (well, he is a guest!), so Cagri doesn't spend a lot of money too.

This week, Cagri was trying to convince me to travel around the world and pay may way with my writing work, since I already freelance and can work anywhere I want. But I promptly shut him down.


I have Oscar, and Mr. Wewo, and a nice bed, and I like waking up and knowing where I am, what time it is and what I have planned for the rest of the week. To make up for it though, I repeatedly explained to Cagri that I go on holidays every now and then, but he didn't seem very convinced. Then I told him that I LIKE to NOT DO ANY WORK on holidays overseas, and then he chuckled and understood. The jet lag, language barriers and weird food has certainly taken a toll on his health, and yet he still has to pay his way through his journey.

Interesting enough, despite his hippie attitude, Cagri is probably going to end up rich and powerful when he decides to settle down in Turkey after his journey.

"Will you go back to work or start your business?"
"I do not know. Nothing has been set yet. So many possibilities." 

You know... windows of opportunities that can only be opened up by shaking hands with various designers, stylists, writers and artists from across the world. 

Cagri's blog is pretty awesome because (a) he's funny and (b) he's a dedicated designer, so be prepared for plenty of nice videos, photography and text. Click here to visit Cagri's website. You might want to check out his Facebook, too. His Facebook timeline header shifts according to which country he's in.

Oh yeah, And this is a souvenir purchased by one of the dudes at the studio. Now you know what to get your friends the next time you drop by Taiwan. Incidentally, they tell me that the penis cake is actually quite delicious.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

of magic, books and assasins

What a busy weekend! By 10pm last Sunday night, I was already clinging desperately onto Wewo because Saturday and Sunday totally flew out the window! Without warning! Woosh! *sad* No weekend = work! Work = no weekend!

At least I managed to squeeze in an awesome round of RPG too!

I'm the one in the brown cape, which you can't really see. I think I fell down and the LEGO version of me is holding a flaming torch,  'cause I'm a fire caster. I play Akira, the Assasin who kills with steel strings (A Kira, A Killer, geddit, geddit, muahahaha). Wewo is the sexy LEGO beast in the black dressed all in black and those red coins are erected spears Wewo casted using earth element magic so we could trap the evil Boss character. That's right. You can run but you can't hide, my boyfriend's so totally gonna kick your ass, evil doers! 

Louie, the Blonde good looking dimwit Hero of the group managed to K.O. the Big Bad Boss in just one round after the Game Master threw an epic row of snake eyes! What are the odds of only getting 10 points of out 9 dices thrown? BOW DOWN TO POETIC FATE, OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH AND DODGY MORAL UPSTANDING! 
RPG is ALWAYS FUN, because unlike video games where you have to invest hours leveling up to be strong enough and well equipped enough to advance in the storyline, live RPG means that you get to stretch out on the floor, eat gourmet Garrett popcorn and spend a couple of hours cheering your mates on as you accomplish quest after quest by wielding cunning and brute force!

Plus after that, we always retire to Omitsu Koshi (at Damansara Jaya) for a nice, recap dinner of how our heroes have fared. Wewo and I always order the same thing - half a plate of butterfish and curry rice for Wewo (because he plays an Indian taxi driver whose destiny is to ride a dragon, even though he's never seen the mythical creature before).

Did you know that the wizard Harry Dresden also played RPG regularly with the werewolves? Not that it matters any more, because I've haphazardly blown through all 14 Dresden Files books and am now leading an empty existence.

I am now starting on Bartimaeus, which is OK, so far, I guess. Well, I mean, it's only been a day and I'm already halfway through...

I've also been steadily stalking Jim Butcher's livejournal, because that's where he writes interesting things like How You Can Form a Proper Storyline and so forth. I dunno. I guess I might want to try out Fifty Shades of Grey next week, since everyone says it's basically old woman porn the adult version of Twilight. I would also like to get back to writing for my own recreation.

This week though, will be all about getting ready for my Engagement Announcement photo shoot! I'm trying to figure out if pink helium-filled balloons will stay afloat after being in my car for more than 12 hours.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

RM378 richer!

Did you know that all Touch N Go highway users can redeem 20% rebate off their total transaction? To qualify, all you need to do is have a minimum of 80 transactions on your Touch N Go card! 

The Nice Man at the Counter was really, really surprised when he found out that my rebate amount was RM378.92. Ka Ching! Well... I will now leave it to you to calculate backwards how much $$$ I spend on highway tolls in the past 6 months... *grave silence* 

Don't be deterred by the quiet office and dark staircase. Walk on up to the first floor to get to the Touch N Go counter!
How to Redeem Touch N Go Rebate

I did mine at the SUNWAY TOL along the KESAS Highway. From the highway, keep on the left lane and park at the designated lot and walk towards the Touch N Go office about 200m away from the parking lot. Walk up one flight of staircase and you should be able to spot a small counter at the corner. There's usually nobody manning the counter, so you'll have to ring the bell and then a nice staff will attend to you. Just mention that you want to redeem the rebate and pass them your Touch N Go card. No filling up forms, no IC checks, nothing. The whole process took less than 5 minutes.

Note: Office is only open from morning till 5pm, weekdays. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. No redemption from the 10th to the 14th of every month. For more information, click here.

Aaaaand, time for Weekly Meals update!

Approximately RM100 was spent on:

Scallops, crab meat, fish ball, long beans, enoki mushrooms, lettuce, cherry tomatoes 
Brown Rice for a healthier meal, ahem ahem

We'll be having plenty of porridge dishes in our crockpot for dinner this week. Did I mention that Wewo happens to really LOVE porridge? I happen to love mixing in salty Marmite with my porridge served with yau char kueh, so it's a WIN-WIN combo!

Suspected that Wewo might have become bored with having salad for lunch two weeks in a row, so I switched it up with sandwiches and sliced oranges. One sandwich contains mustard, lettuce, turkey ham and cheese whereas the other contains tuna, slice of cheese and lettuce with a sprinkling of black pepper. It was originally designed to be a cute heart-shaped bento, but the seaweed expired HAHAHAHA the feedback was that Wewo feels very English to have cold sandwiches with a cup of hot tea, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

My best buy of the week though would be the TOM YAM we had for Friday dinner!

RM0.62 only!

TESCO offers prepacked Tom Yam ingredients such as the leaves, roots, onions, etc. and it was expiring soon, which was how I managed to pay only RM0.62 for the Tom Yam ingredients! The TESCO Tom Yam seasoning was another RM2 and I added organic Fusili into the mix, because I adore the Tom Yam Fusili served at BLACK CANYON. All I had to do was chuck in the Tom Yam ingredients and seasoning into the crockpot, boil for 10 minutes and then let it simmer. Add in the lime juice, leaves and fusili into the mix 10 minutes before serving and you're pretty much done for the day.

Heh. Did you know that there are only a handful of people who know that I can cook? Wewo, Wewo's mom and dad... that's about it! Cooking is fun, but I'm not exactly a slave to the kitchen. I like things fast, precise, pretty and yummy. I guess you could call me a kitchen nazi.

Heil, chef! (●´∀`)γƒŽ♡

Friday, May 18, 2012

wasted time

egad! today was a day filled with waiting, and meetings! and wasted time! and meetings! two things which I TOTALLY dislike *dark clouds looming*

grumpy in the morning after waiting for client for over 30 minutes  (=___=)
But I really like the client though! She had a busy day too, so I guess some things can't be helped.

Luckily, I had Dresden Files Book 13 to listen to while waiting, but still... tick tock tick tock... I'm definitely going to turn into one of those old, impatient people who prods people who don't get out of the way fast enough with my walking stick! ARM YOURSELF, WEAKLINGS!!!

Ahem. Anyway.

Watch of the Day! Features clay detailing and little diamante from Korea. Gone are the Baby-G and G-Shock days. Now I like BLING!!!! Ohohohoohoh

My trusty sandals that I wear everywhere. 
Did you know that I've somehow forgotten how to wear high heels?

Messy Shoe Display. What? I am a busy girl *blush*

I remember discarding most of my shoes before leaving Australia, but I've somehow managed to begin accumulating shoes again... all of which I hardly wear (if at all) because pretty flowery black sandals goes with everything (almost) and I can drive in sandals, so there.

Some shoes have never even been worn before!

One of these days I'm gonna roll my sleeves up and pack away clothes, shoes and trinkets that I've never / hardly used and then just donate it all away. But not today. Because today was filled with plenty of wasted time already!

For one thing, one meeting that began at 7pm lasted all the way till 10:30pm. I dunno. They might still be there, I guess. Wewo came over and picked me up because *cough* I still have a curfew. *cough* And that is the story of how I am up late at 1AM with wet hair. 

OK, I'm off to finish Dresden Files Book 13 now.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

face off

I finally got myself a Starbucks keychain for free!
Which I'm trying to give away, but everyone else seems to already have it.. (=____=);

So I've been doing some Wedding Research, and apparently, having facials is one thing you should do six months before your Wedding Day. Considering that a facial can cost anywhere between RM130 to RM350, you stand to spend approximately:

RM200 (average) x 6 months x 2 people = RM2,400

While RM400 (facial for two) spent per month may seem pretty reasonable for good looks and beautiful skin, Wewo and I were already born with pretty smooth faces, and we're going to be wearing make up on our big day anyway. So, I decided against the professional facial thing. My big sis did it and she certainly did look radiant, but... not for us, I guess.

Things We Have Decided to Do Without 
1. Orchestra / Singer / Band for our Wedding Dinner
2. Professional photo shoot <--- although this might be put back on the table because my future mom in law is worried that we won't be taking enough photos of how fabulous we will look! She's so cute!
3. Piles of wedding dresses, because I don't really want to be rushing in and out of gowns
4. Pre-wedding engagement ring for Wewo, because he's a dude, and dudes are like that.

activa, available at all Watson stores nationwide for less than RM20

Of course, I'm definitely not going to be the bride with clogged pores, which is why I am still doing my bi-weekly facial at home. The steps are:

1. Steam your face. If hot shower is unavailable or if you have very clogged pores, use a facial steamer (mine is available at Watsons' and is pink in colour)

2. Apply a peel off mask to remove all the icky dead skin, blackheads and white heads

3. Apply a moisturising cloth mask which can be easily absorbed into your skin after the peel-off mask treatment

4. Pro Tip! Don't throw away the cloth mask after 20 minutes of use. Instead, wipe the essence over your Neck, Arms, and Upper Body. Some girls also save the liquid essences found in the packet to reapply the next day.

5. Apply eye cream, night cream and call it a day.

I like to listen to my Sony MP3 player while massaging my feet as I'm getting my facial done. It's really nice.

Plus... in the next 6 months, I'll be spending :

RM15 (average) x 6 months x 2 people = RM180

Which is pretty nice, too.

diy easy calendars

I've become very crafty this year and even ended up making my own mini calendar : 

Mini Calendar for my work desk, shamelessly decorated with old JUICY COUTURE tag

Mini calendar in my car, because I always do my plotting and scheming while driving. 

For instructions on how you can create your very own mini calendar, check out Very Merry Vintage Style here. I kinda like it and the calendar has withstood five months of usage so far. I'll probably be making it again for next year.

I also created a personalized calendar for Wewo's family and Mommy:

Best. Christmas Present. Ever!

I can't really remember how I made these calendars, because it was mostly trial and error, and with plenty of engineering optimism thrown in. Still, it makes a pretty personal gift.

I am now on my very last Dresden Files book, and I very much the ending of a very good story...

Monday, May 14, 2012

what to do with leftover skincare products

Everytime I switch skincare products, I end up buying the entire range, because - despite logic - I always think that Eye Cream from Brand A simply cannot work with Moisturiser from Brand B. At least, that's what I tell myself as I once invested in a pot of LAMER which did absolutely nothing for my skin. Bah.

My new Skincare range. No more Clean&Clear products for me, I'm moving up, girlfriend!

My 90% empty old bottles still sit at my drawer, forlorn and lonely for not being touched so often anymore... 

Sad, almost empty bottles

Throwing away leftover toner and moisturisers seem like such as waste, so I am now using the product as lotion for my hands and feet. Expensive body lotion, I guess. Better than letting it collect dust! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

This year marks the first time I celebrate Mother's Day with TWO Mums!

I know my Mom's size and taste, so I got her something pretty to wear for Mother's Day
East India Company silk blouse! Don't play-play, super expensive! 

For Wewo's Mom, things were a little trickier as she's 5 hours drive away, and I absolutely have no idea what kind of things she likes. She's also on a strict diet so sending her chocolates was out of the picture, too. So... we decided to do a Youtube dedication!
The Topic of the Video is "5 Things We Love About Ah Mi"

A conversation filled with talk about food 

Seriously, Wewo is so good looking!

Overall, a pretty successful Mother's Day. *smug*

Saturday, May 12, 2012

how to cut-short cooking time

So I've been preparing salads for Wewo to have for lunch at work.

From bottom to top: Wafu dressing, slice carrot, boiled pasta, tuna, tomato, avocado, pistachio and romaine lettuce

four salads for four days 
I don't really know what the salad tastes like, but it's been getting great reviews thus far. That's Wewo and I for you, we love salads, high tea and soup. He gets indigestion from eating steak and I wouldn't even touch red meat because it's chewy and tastes weird for my palete. I know. We're old, baby.

We've both gotten pretty bored of eating outside too, as the last thing we want is to rush around looking for car park space after a long day at work. Hence, I've also begun pre-packing our dinner for the entire week:

that's Korean rice cake in the right packet, which I thought would be a good hearty addition to soups 

one day, one packet

toss the entire contents of one packet into the crockpot along with a packet of seasoning and you're good to go 

Each packet is frozen to preserve its quality. We then defrost the meal either the night or the day before (depending on whether there is any fresh meat involved) and Wewo starts up the crock pot before leaving for work. It's pretty nice to come home to a delicious-smelling house. 

Also, I was a little concerned about contaminating vegetables with raw meat, but apparently it's OK if you defrost all of the contents at one go. We've done this exercise for a week, and so far no stomach problems, but if you're really worried, do consider separating the meat and vegetables into two separate zip bags, I guess. The point of this exercise is to cut down on cutting and chopping so you can have a less stressful evening, after all. 

Besides packet soup, we've also done this with Campbell tin soup as well. For extra yummy moments, do add in a slice of cheese into your Campbell soup. For Chinese soups, dramatically change the texture of the broth simply by scrambling a raw egg before adding it into the soup. I also have this habit of adding corn into every dish, which Wewo has been really patient about, because boy, do I LOVE CORN! We also add in extra fresh vegetables just before we serve the soup and you might also want to add in egg noodles if you're really hungry.

What Do I Need?
A crockpot and ingredients. Bowl, chopsticks and soup spoons.

How Much Does It Cost?
The grocery bill amounted to around RM100 at AEON, which I think is cheap considering the meals prepared will feed two people for 6 meals. It's healthier, and it's fun slurping soup with a good looking fellow after a hard day's work! Next week, I'm either going to do Italian food for a whole week or get into porridge. Scallop porridge. Mmmm.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Digital Perm FAQ

Going from ramrod straight hair to digital curls needed some getting used to, but I must admit that once you've EMBRACED MESSY HAIR, it's kinda neat.
washed, wet hair. 
Hair Tip: Don't bundle your hair up in a towel because that will cause weird kinks and weaken the strength of your hair. Do what hair stylists do and gently pat down your hair with one or two towels, depending on your hair length.

Damp hair (that pink thing that's always on my neck is my Sony mp3 player!)  

( Approximately 12 hours later ) 
Tah dah! No hair styling needed for loose waves! OMEDOTOU!!!! 

Close Up Shots of the Curled Hair

Q: Is Digitally Permed Hair Difficult to Maintain?
A: My hairstylist, Mr Yoshi advised me to blow dry my hair to activate the curls, but as demonstrated, the curls come out just fine if you let it air dry. I usually just towel dry my hair, spray some leave-in hair conditioner and then go do other stuff.

Q: Any regrets?
A: YES! Shortly after I permed my hair, I suffered from Hunger Games mania, and it's impossible to tie your hair into a Katniss braid with curly hair. Well, it is technically possible but it wouldn't be good for your curled hair. So... I'm considering doing a Hunger Games nail art this week, although people are really into the Avengers now.

Q: Do you ever have bad hair days?
A: Actually, everyday is a bad hair day now. Once you get over the fact that your hair will never be neat and tidy, you'll be OK, because it is a pretty, chic kind-of messy which goes well with all kinds of fashion. Some days, I put my hair in pig tails or a cute ponytail. I also like hair band braids, which I might demonstrate some other time.

The Mockingjay Pin hanging in my Car. Because I really, really like the Hunger Games trilogy. Peeta!!!  

Q: How much does Digital Perming cost? 
A: It's about RM500 at number76 for shoulder length hair. It took more than 3 hours to curl my hair and the curls have lasted for more than 5 months, so it's actually quite affordable in the long run.

I'm itching to get my hair coloured now and I really want to do the hair ombre / tip dye thing! It's really, really expensive though, approximately RM500 for hair ombre coloring at number76.*heart attack*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

my morning face

I'm really, really, really into Instagram right now because it makes everything purrrrrdy! Look! All I have on is eyeliner, mascara and a swab of lipstick! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* The only thing I contributed to this shoot was clear skin, and that's because I drink almost 2 litres of water everyday and was already born with good, healthy tan skin.Weird, huh. Would you rather be fair and pimply or dark with no acne problems?

In case you didn't already know, Instagram was just released for Android users, so get your free download today! 

Also, an update on my Digital Perm from number76

I woke up to these natural curls! There's a trick to getting your hair either goldilocks curly or mermaid-ish. I'll blog about it some other time but it sure is fun to always have volume in your hair “ヽ(´▽`)γƒŽ”

And... here is my favourite Christmas present from Wewo. A panda from Swarovski, a private joke that has now made Wewo want to give me everything panda-ish. Even my phone strap features a panda. I'm considering getting a Juicy Couture bracelet so I can wear panda on my wrist and not have to worry about it clashing with the rest of my jewellery. Seriously, like the last time I wore big ear rings was in 2011. 

Aaaaaand, the outfit for the day: 

I'm really into bright colours and funky t-shirts. There was a time when it was important to have a plain t-shirt with the logo of Nike, Adidas, etc. printed over my heart, but that moment has passed. When in doubt, always go for more colour, darling! Ohohohoh. The T-shirt says "Naughty Girl in Nice Wrapping", which in my defence, was gifted to me by Wewo's Mom. 

Working from home tomorrow, which means that I'll do what any other responsible young adult will do tonight and stay up late today! 

This are is left blank on purpose