Friday, May 11, 2012

Digital Perm FAQ

Going from ramrod straight hair to digital curls needed some getting used to, but I must admit that once you've EMBRACED MESSY HAIR, it's kinda neat.
washed, wet hair. 
Hair Tip: Don't bundle your hair up in a towel because that will cause weird kinks and weaken the strength of your hair. Do what hair stylists do and gently pat down your hair with one or two towels, depending on your hair length.

Damp hair (that pink thing that's always on my neck is my Sony mp3 player!)  

( Approximately 12 hours later ) 
Tah dah! No hair styling needed for loose waves! OMEDOTOU!!!! 

Close Up Shots of the Curled Hair

Q: Is Digitally Permed Hair Difficult to Maintain?
A: My hairstylist, Mr Yoshi advised me to blow dry my hair to activate the curls, but as demonstrated, the curls come out just fine if you let it air dry. I usually just towel dry my hair, spray some leave-in hair conditioner and then go do other stuff.

Q: Any regrets?
A: YES! Shortly after I permed my hair, I suffered from Hunger Games mania, and it's impossible to tie your hair into a Katniss braid with curly hair. Well, it is technically possible but it wouldn't be good for your curled hair. So... I'm considering doing a Hunger Games nail art this week, although people are really into the Avengers now.

Q: Do you ever have bad hair days?
A: Actually, everyday is a bad hair day now. Once you get over the fact that your hair will never be neat and tidy, you'll be OK, because it is a pretty, chic kind-of messy which goes well with all kinds of fashion. Some days, I put my hair in pig tails or a cute ponytail. I also like hair band braids, which I might demonstrate some other time.

The Mockingjay Pin hanging in my Car. Because I really, really like the Hunger Games trilogy. Peeta!!!  

Q: How much does Digital Perming cost? 
A: It's about RM500 at number76 for shoulder length hair. It took more than 3 hours to curl my hair and the curls have lasted for more than 5 months, so it's actually quite affordable in the long run.

I'm itching to get my hair coloured now and I really want to do the hair ombre / tip dye thing! It's really, really expensive though, approximately RM500 for hair ombre coloring at number76.*heart attack*


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