Thursday, May 24, 2012

the disturbing love story

Do you like happy endings or bittersweet endings?

It's 1am again, and I'm about to have a pretty hectic Thursday to Sunday this week.
Expensive Underground Cafe that Doesn't Accept Credit Card, Cash Only yo! 

I had a RM256 dinner with Wewo today (more updates, tomorrow!).

Inbetween our decadent celebratory meal, Wewo reminded me of this short story by Neil Gaiman, which is about a pair of newlyweds.

The Disturbing Love Story

1. While sorting out their wedding gifts, the newlyweds come across a brown envelope. In the envelope is a stack of paper which contains a write up of their wedding. The details are very accurate, and the newlyweds simply assume that one of the wedding guests had taken the time to type out their wedding events.

2. A few years later, the wife comes across the envelope again. When she takes out the paper, she realizes that there are additional write ups at the last few pages. This time, the writing talks about how the lady is bitten by a crazy dog and has an ugly scar on her beautiful face. This in turn causes her husband to work late everyday and eventually cheat on her. None of these events are true. The wife tucks the paper away and assumes that someone had made a bad practical joke.

3. Life is good for the husband and wife. They are rich and successful and love each other very much.

4. A few years later, the husband comes across the envelope again. When he takes out the paper, he realizes that there are even more lies written on the paper. The writing explains how the husband lost his job, slept with his boss and that his wife suffered miscarriages, thereby causing the husband and wife to be even more unhappy with each other. None of these events are true in real life.

5. The husband then realizes that perhaps there is some magical property in the brown envelope, and tells his wife to keep the documents safe.

6. Life is good for the husband and wife. They are rich and successful and love each other very much. They have two beautiful children.

7. Years later, the husband dies of a heart attack.

8. While the children are out, the old wife cannot seem to stop missing her husband. She is like a walking zombie. She suddenly remembers the brown envelope.

9. In the paper, the written husband and wife are still suffering, with one big difference being that the husband is still alive.

10. So the wife burns the paper and she closes her eyes as she waits for the scar to appear on her cheek.

Would you go through horrible things, just so you could see your beloved again? Even if he or she has changed due to circumstances?

I would never have burned the paper, no matter how miserable I felt. But I nearly cried, but Wewo said that if I cried, he would cry too. I would leave it to you to guess which one of us shed tears in the end. (;¬_¬)

*note: do read the original story by Neil Gaiman! And his novels, too! They all have much happier endings.


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