Wednesday, May 16, 2012

diy easy calendars

I've become very crafty this year and even ended up making my own mini calendar : 

Mini Calendar for my work desk, shamelessly decorated with old JUICY COUTURE tag

Mini calendar in my car, because I always do my plotting and scheming while driving. 

For instructions on how you can create your very own mini calendar, check out Very Merry Vintage Style here. I kinda like it and the calendar has withstood five months of usage so far. I'll probably be making it again for next year.

I also created a personalized calendar for Wewo's family and Mommy:

Best. Christmas Present. Ever!

I can't really remember how I made these calendars, because it was mostly trial and error, and with plenty of engineering optimism thrown in. Still, it makes a pretty personal gift.

I am now on my very last Dresden Files book, and I very much the ending of a very good story...


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