Thursday, May 31, 2012

Engagement Announcement Shoot!

Here's a fun fact: I nearly dyed my hair flaming red ombre the day before this photoshoot. But then I watched the season finale of SMASH! and wanted to be Karen Cartwright, which explains why my hair is looking kind of undecided. The purple dress is not very suitable to be jumping and running around in, but it was the dress I wore on our First Date.

It's 2AM!

Before I get some shut eye, I would just like to warn you that Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker is haunting and makes for an interesting read. I finished Fifty Shades Freed in two hours though because I just skimmed through all the melodrama and boring (yes, boring) BDSM/sex scenes. And, I really hate Anastasia Steele, which is befuddling as I kinda like Bella Swan and Sookie Stackhouse.

I am now starting on Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. Fingers crossed, as I have yet to find anything as satisfying as Jim Butcher's Dresden Files or the first two books of the Hunger Games trilogy.

OK, nights! Tomorrow will be interesting because I am about to spring a surprise on Wewo!


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