Wednesday, May 16, 2012

face off

I finally got myself a Starbucks keychain for free!
Which I'm trying to give away, but everyone else seems to already have it.. (=____=);

So I've been doing some Wedding Research, and apparently, having facials is one thing you should do six months before your Wedding Day. Considering that a facial can cost anywhere between RM130 to RM350, you stand to spend approximately:

RM200 (average) x 6 months x 2 people = RM2,400

While RM400 (facial for two) spent per month may seem pretty reasonable for good looks and beautiful skin, Wewo and I were already born with pretty smooth faces, and we're going to be wearing make up on our big day anyway. So, I decided against the professional facial thing. My big sis did it and she certainly did look radiant, but... not for us, I guess.

Things We Have Decided to Do Without 
1. Orchestra / Singer / Band for our Wedding Dinner
2. Professional photo shoot <--- although this might be put back on the table because my future mom in law is worried that we won't be taking enough photos of how fabulous we will look! She's so cute!
3. Piles of wedding dresses, because I don't really want to be rushing in and out of gowns
4. Pre-wedding engagement ring for Wewo, because he's a dude, and dudes are like that.

activa, available at all Watson stores nationwide for less than RM20

Of course, I'm definitely not going to be the bride with clogged pores, which is why I am still doing my bi-weekly facial at home. The steps are:

1. Steam your face. If hot shower is unavailable or if you have very clogged pores, use a facial steamer (mine is available at Watsons' and is pink in colour)

2. Apply a peel off mask to remove all the icky dead skin, blackheads and white heads

3. Apply a moisturising cloth mask which can be easily absorbed into your skin after the peel-off mask treatment

4. Pro Tip! Don't throw away the cloth mask after 20 minutes of use. Instead, wipe the essence over your Neck, Arms, and Upper Body. Some girls also save the liquid essences found in the packet to reapply the next day.

5. Apply eye cream, night cream and call it a day.

I like to listen to my Sony MP3 player while massaging my feet as I'm getting my facial done. It's really nice.

Plus... in the next 6 months, I'll be spending :

RM15 (average) x 6 months x 2 people = RM180

Which is pretty nice, too.


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