Monday, May 7, 2012

the first week of May

So the past week has been all about :

Introducing the Bridesmaids to the Groom-to-be 

What is the secret to 15 years of friendship? Caring enough to check in with one another now and then, I suppose. (*≧▽≦)

Bestest Best Friend and Groom-to-be negotiating.
Poor Head Bridesmaid. She was looking forward to hazing the groom and his buddies on the Wedding Day, but I decided against it because Wewo has already done plenty to show me that he is pretty set on making me his wife, forever and ever and ever, which is why having him swallow a whole cup of wasabi or eat banana from a man's groin isn't going to further emphasize on that point (although it sure would be funny!)

And then because we have a crockpot and fridge at Bangsar now, I made these cute jars of layered salads for Wewo's lunch at the office.

Sorry about the bad picture quality, I had already stuffed the jars into the fridge and it got all frosted up.

Mason Jar Salad 

The idea is to have the sauce at the bottom, followed by stuff that will taste great when it's soaked up most of the dressing such as carrots, beans and pasta. You then top it up with tomatoes, nuts and lettuce. You can pretty much google up Mason Jar Salad for more ideas, but it's generally a free-for-all concept. I stuffed mine with some tuna flakes, but I'm thinking that maybe prawns and avocado would be a better mix. Also, croutons should be packed separately to preserve its crispiness. I've been told that this salad can last for 6 days and that it is originally packed into mason jars, which I couldn't find in Klang, ohohohoho. Close enough can liao ~ ヽ(´ー`)ノ

And then we watched the Avengers today. Hawkeye and Black Widow surprised me with how deadly and bad ass they really are, despite being humans. In the end, all the boys love the Hulk, and all the girls love Thor. I love Thor. And Loki. Loki's cool, and funny and all glamorous and stuff. I nearly DIED when the Hulk randomly punched Thor sideways. Thor is just so pretty. Oh Thor.


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