Wednesday, May 23, 2012

meet the designer on the road

"Vai don't yew travel around de worlde and write?" 
We had a Turk in the studio for the past two weeks. 

Picture taken in Mamak, bad lighting, and funny expressions. Nevermind, just pretend you didn't see, OK? (=.=) Aaaaamd, now you know what I look like after enduring only 6 hours of sleep the past two days.
Petite girls need plenty of rest! We should start a union!

This is Cagri Cankaya (Ahem, Cagri Can "Kaya", ohohohoh), he was a high flying designer in Turkey. He is the same age as me and is probably double my size in height. While the rest of us are busy saving up for houses and shoes, Cagri decided to drop everything and go around the world with NO MONEY and NO PLANS. His plan is to pay his way through his round-the-world trip by doing designs for local studios. I know, he's crazy. My first response was to ask, "does your mother know what you're doing?" but I didn't. 

He's nice, we like Cagri! 

Can you spot his name card? 

He's doing quite well, so far. His beer is sponsored and a Turkish airline is paying for all his tickets to anywhere across the world. People seem to pay for all his meals (well, he is a guest!), so Cagri doesn't spend a lot of money too.

This week, Cagri was trying to convince me to travel around the world and pay may way with my writing work, since I already freelance and can work anywhere I want. But I promptly shut him down.


I have Oscar, and Mr. Wewo, and a nice bed, and I like waking up and knowing where I am, what time it is and what I have planned for the rest of the week. To make up for it though, I repeatedly explained to Cagri that I go on holidays every now and then, but he didn't seem very convinced. Then I told him that I LIKE to NOT DO ANY WORK on holidays overseas, and then he chuckled and understood. The jet lag, language barriers and weird food has certainly taken a toll on his health, and yet he still has to pay his way through his journey.

Interesting enough, despite his hippie attitude, Cagri is probably going to end up rich and powerful when he decides to settle down in Turkey after his journey.

"Will you go back to work or start your business?"
"I do not know. Nothing has been set yet. So many possibilities." 

You know... windows of opportunities that can only be opened up by shaking hands with various designers, stylists, writers and artists from across the world. 

Cagri's blog is pretty awesome because (a) he's funny and (b) he's a dedicated designer, so be prepared for plenty of nice videos, photography and text. Click here to visit Cagri's website. You might want to check out his Facebook, too. His Facebook timeline header shifts according to which country he's in.

Oh yeah, And this is a souvenir purchased by one of the dudes at the studio. Now you know what to get your friends the next time you drop by Taiwan. Incidentally, they tell me that the penis cake is actually quite delicious.  


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