Tuesday, May 22, 2012

of magic, books and assasins

What a busy weekend! By 10pm last Sunday night, I was already clinging desperately onto Wewo because Saturday and Sunday totally flew out the window! Without warning! Woosh! *sad* No weekend = work! Work = no weekend!

At least I managed to squeeze in an awesome round of RPG too!

I'm the one in the brown cape, which you can't really see. I think I fell down and the LEGO version of me is holding a flaming torch,  'cause I'm a fire caster. I play Akira, the Assasin who kills with steel strings (A Kira, A Killer, geddit, geddit, muahahaha). Wewo is the sexy LEGO beast in the black dressed all in black and those red coins are erected spears Wewo casted using earth element magic so we could trap the evil Boss character. That's right. You can run but you can't hide, my boyfriend's so totally gonna kick your ass, evil doers! 

Louie, the Blonde good looking dimwit Hero of the group managed to K.O. the Big Bad Boss in just one round after the Game Master threw an epic row of snake eyes! What are the odds of only getting 10 points of out 9 dices thrown? BOW DOWN TO POETIC FATE, OH YE OF LITTLE FAITH AND DODGY MORAL UPSTANDING! 
RPG is ALWAYS FUN, because unlike video games where you have to invest hours leveling up to be strong enough and well equipped enough to advance in the storyline, live RPG means that you get to stretch out on the floor, eat gourmet Garrett popcorn and spend a couple of hours cheering your mates on as you accomplish quest after quest by wielding cunning and brute force!

Plus after that, we always retire to Omitsu Koshi (at Damansara Jaya) for a nice, recap dinner of how our heroes have fared. Wewo and I always order the same thing - half a plate of butterfish and curry rice for Wewo (because he plays an Indian taxi driver whose destiny is to ride a dragon, even though he's never seen the mythical creature before).

Did you know that the wizard Harry Dresden also played RPG regularly with the werewolves? Not that it matters any more, because I've haphazardly blown through all 14 Dresden Files books and am now leading an empty existence.

I am now starting on Bartimaeus, which is OK, so far, I guess. Well, I mean, it's only been a day and I'm already halfway through...

I've also been steadily stalking Jim Butcher's livejournal, because that's where he writes interesting things like How You Can Form a Proper Storyline and so forth. I dunno. I guess I might want to try out Fifty Shades of Grey next week, since everyone says it's basically old woman porn the adult version of Twilight. I would also like to get back to writing for my own recreation.

This week though, will be all about getting ready for my Engagement Announcement photo shoot! I'm trying to figure out if pink helium-filled balloons will stay afloat after being in my car for more than 12 hours.


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