Thursday, May 3, 2012

rinse and repeat

So these days life is all about :

8am : Trying to wake up
10am to 7pm : Work $$$
730pm: Holding Wewo's hand
10pm : Playing with Oscar
11pm: Work $$$
1am: Sleep

Wewo has gotten me hooked on Audibooks too, especially since I spend 2 hours everyday driving up and down from Klang to KL. I've gone through the Hunger Games trilogy and am currently burning through the Dresden Files. Wewo is so cute, he wants to be a wizard. I wanna be the bad ass half-Godlike dog called Mouse. Or a talking perverted skull called Bob.

Either way, Dresden Files is awesome!!!

I still do craft work now and then, and I'm still really into the Hunger Games. I will also begin cooking my voyage into pot-cooked meals because I'm kinda bored of eating out. That gourmet journey shall begin this Friday, wish me luck!

Aaaaaand I've been engaged for a whole month. No sweat, still pretty happy :D


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