Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday is Cleaning Day

Tuesdays are perfect days to sort out my laundry and clean up my messy dresser. Someone came up with this 15 minute-rule in which you spend 15 minutes doing a boring house chore everyday. That way, you won't end up waking up to a messy house that sort-of creeped up on you.

Haven't figured out a better way to keep my hair bands- yet.

Hair clips! The Jade necklace was given by Wewo's parents. Neat, huh!

My secret to waking up all Bad Ass and Awesome every morning.

More necklaces, hairbands and plenty of ear rings... which I hardly wear these days, eversince Wewo got me a Swarovski panda pendant. 

You'd think I have plenty of beauty products already, but I'm nearly out of shampoo, hair conditioner and eye cream. 
I always FORGET to wear my contact lenses, so I do my darndest to lay out the lenses the night before as a reminder for the next day.

Do you recycle your Starbucks trays? I stuff mine with mascara, lipstick and bobby pins.
Token shot of Oscar, who looks like a Doll.

Two weeks ago, I painted my toenails yellow. Then I panicked, and painted over it with gold, which was ugly, and then I painted stripes over it. So there. 

OK, back to work I go! Wednesdays are exfoliating days, by the way. (*≧▽≦)


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