Friday, May 18, 2012

wasted time

egad! today was a day filled with waiting, and meetings! and wasted time! and meetings! two things which I TOTALLY dislike *dark clouds looming*

grumpy in the morning after waiting for client for over 30 minutes  (=___=)
But I really like the client though! She had a busy day too, so I guess some things can't be helped.

Luckily, I had Dresden Files Book 13 to listen to while waiting, but still... tick tock tick tock... I'm definitely going to turn into one of those old, impatient people who prods people who don't get out of the way fast enough with my walking stick! ARM YOURSELF, WEAKLINGS!!!

Ahem. Anyway.

Watch of the Day! Features clay detailing and little diamante from Korea. Gone are the Baby-G and G-Shock days. Now I like BLING!!!! Ohohohoohoh

My trusty sandals that I wear everywhere. 
Did you know that I've somehow forgotten how to wear high heels?

Messy Shoe Display. What? I am a busy girl *blush*

I remember discarding most of my shoes before leaving Australia, but I've somehow managed to begin accumulating shoes again... all of which I hardly wear (if at all) because pretty flowery black sandals goes with everything (almost) and I can drive in sandals, so there.

Some shoes have never even been worn before!

One of these days I'm gonna roll my sleeves up and pack away clothes, shoes and trinkets that I've never / hardly used and then just donate it all away. But not today. Because today was filled with plenty of wasted time already!

For one thing, one meeting that began at 7pm lasted all the way till 10:30pm. I dunno. They might still be there, I guess. Wewo came over and picked me up because *cough* I still have a curfew. *cough* And that is the story of how I am up late at 1AM with wet hair. 

OK, I'm off to finish Dresden Files Book 13 now.


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