Wednesday, June 27, 2012

these shoes are no more meant for walking

nice to see, a pain to wear! 

This pair of bejewelled sandals have served me well. They cost less than RM50 from Opera and lasted over two years before finally falling apart. I'd spent the whole Thursday limping around because the soles of the shoes literally fell off and I could literally feel the gravel and stones and other bumpy stuff as I shuffle all over the place from KL to Klang to Bangsar. *dark clouds* 

My injured feet being observed by an overly eager Oscar
Of course, it didn't help that I had blisters on my foot due to the stupid expensive shoe I just bought from Scholl at the same time.

So all in all, I was having a pretty busy day and the schedule just kept on running as I rushed to get writings done, studio work done and prep for my brother in law's wedding at Penang at the same time.

And then Wewo finally had enough of me waddling all over the place.

So just before I decided to navigate down a steep slope, he promptly picked me up and carried me all the way to my car. 

He carried me like this! <3
And there were people starring and smiling at us, and I burst out laughing due to the giddiness of the entire situation. But there is also a sense of intense pride that this man is mine, and that I don't have to bear and grit through pain alone any more, because that's what husbands do - they stick by you and pick you up every now and then. Of course, it also helps to be only 5 feet tall and have a hunky 6 foot tall boyfriend. Ahem ahem. 

I've sadly read up to the latest issue of Kaichou-wa maid-sama! manga, so I'm back to reading Diana Gabaldon's epic novel. On to book three, I go! 

I will try to update as often as possible, but things are going to get pretty hectic these few days. Oh boy. I've never been to Bali before! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the one with the grand wedding

Managed to get ONE solo shot with the pretty bride! Ninja skills +++
 Well! I'm back from a long weekend spent in Penang, eating plenty of food and meeting plenty of soon-to-be relatives! It was awesome! I even received my very own Ang Pow!

So refreshing to meet such nice ladies and gentlemen! 
There was a lot of toasting, hugging, laughing and talking to, which was really, really nice! I hope I'll grow up to be a cheeky, sweet little old lady too, someday. :)

Some photos from my phone

Of course, no epic wedding is complete without someone passing out, plenty of dancing, good food, sharing of old memories and good ol' dramatic scenes. I wouldn't do it again, but boy was it fun! 

And now I'm off to pack again for Bali in two days time. Who needs sleep when there's so much to do?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

how i teleported into the future

I haven't been sleeping much lately, because I just discovered that you can read through manga really, really fast with the iPad!

Kaichou wa maid sama desu (The President is a Maid)! 
I'm breezing through this manga pretty fast, mostly because I'd already seen the anime and just wanted to know what happens next. My original intent was to do a Tangled cosplay for Comic Fiesta in December, but I might consider doing a maid cafe cosplay instead! AHHH USUI BAKAAAAA ~ *fan girl scream* I guess if you like nonsensical bishoujo manga, then this manga is definitely a must-read. I like how the girl basically beats all the boys up, too!

Wewo: What time did you sleep yesterday?
Me: I dunno. I closed my eyes and slept, and suddenly I was in the future! 

I am packing up for my Penang trip tomorrow. An epic wedding is going to occur which we will talk about for decades and decades. After that, it will be a three-day work week next week followed by a free trip to Bali with crazy people and my loved one. 

Crazy two weeks ahead + insufficient sleep = Déjà vu !

Good night! Off I go to pack!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy father's day!

So after delivering a very entertaining Mother's Day message via Youtube to Wewo's mom in Penang, it was only inevitable that we would have to top our previous message with an even better one for Wewo's Dad.

We made a parody to the Ghost Buster's theme song, which explains why I have sunglasses and a leather jacket whereas Wewo has a black hat on. Bad ass. I am also dishevelled because by the time we got to recording, it was 8pm on a Sunday.
Wewo says that Api always wanted him to practise Maths when he was a kid lol .
Did you know that Wewo is a genius?
He went from failing his Add Maths to scoring a solid A for SPM in the span of a few days.  

if you're all alone, pick up the phone, and ... call API!  

We did '5 Things We Love About Ami' last time, so Api has '5 Things Api Always Say', just to be refreshing.
And totally bad ass. 

Wewo is explaining the various grunts Api emits, so we had to translate it

Same grunt, different meaning

So there you go! Next time you want to impress a loved one who's far away, record a funny video and send it over! Api was so impressed that not only did he call back, but he also SMS-ed AND e-mailed us the following day. Mission accomplished. It was very gratifying this round, because Wewo's old laptop kept dying on us and I really, really wanted to quickly edit and upload the video before 9PM.

As for my Dad, he received a whole box of Starbucks satchets (which he would never buy for himself, because baby boomers in Malaysia are that way) and a body lifting kit complete with weights and bench press... which I'm too little to lug all the way into his exercise corner. It's the thought that counts anyway, eh?

Few more days to a historical event!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

best kueh teow basah everrrr!

We capped off a manic Friday evening with delicious 'kueh teow basah' at Damansara. I would be more specific about the location, except that I couldn't find the signboard and it was pretty dark *sheepish*. Generally, head towards Rasta Food Court and with the food court on your left, keep going straight up the flyover onwards until you see a mosque directly in front of you. Turn right at the junction and park; the Most Delicous Kueh Teow Basah You'll Ever Taste will be on your right with a blue roof top (at least, I think it was blue.. ahem ahem). OMG seriously, the gravy was so delicious that Wewo had to remind me to eat some of the kueh teow too (which was soft but springy, tasty but not overly powering). We had the kueh teow basah special and a glass of pink air bandung each, which was surprisingly not sweet and was also very yummy.

OMG I loved the dish so much that I really wanted to order a takeaway (even though it was nearly 9pm at night, and I really didn't need a midnight supper before bedtime)!

It was a pretty funny situation as the shop lot is literally located in a dark corner along a village-ish sort of area. At some point in time, I had dramatically considered the fact that I might burst a tyre and die in the middle of this forsaken area but the next thing I knew, we were safely parked and I was happily slurping down a plate of noodles! Better yet, Wewo noticed that this large white car actually stopped on the middle of the road, hit his emergency lights and the driver actually got out of his car to help a little baby kitten cross the road. He then promptly returned back into his car and drove on cool as you please, just like a white knight in a white car would.

Seriously, if we were having kueh teow basah in the city area, no one would've cared whether or not a little kitten made it safely across the road. 

Anyway! I highly recommend this place (which I will return to, you have my word!) to all food lovers and budget keepers. Overall, we paid RM22 for four people including 3 plates of kueh teow and 5 drinks... which boils down to approximately RM5 spent for dinner per person. I am going to bring Ami here! 

Also, COTTON ON is currently having a charity thingy where you can buy mineral bottles (see pic above) for RM3-ish and the money will be donated to... somebody. Considering that I will be hitting the island of Penang, then Bali and then Penang again in the span of one month, I went all out and got myself some pretty sunny dresses and a pink hat for the extra beach effect. Dresses that used to cost over RM100 only cost RM30! 

flowers, glitter and light fabric - signs of a girl in love 

I also spent an hour lurking outside MAIL BOXES Pavilion KL today as Wewo stepped in and negotiated the sending of a book for my Wedding Proposal. This was his original proposal idea, way back before he couldn't wait to ask me to marry him --- but then the process took too long and he lost patience and finally proposed to me with a saxophone, the sweet wonderful man!

Anyway, Wewo was pretty adamant about going through with his original proposal anyway, which as much as I gather:

- involves a fantasy book
- involves sending the book to New York, USA
- and then getting the book back, somehow altered

I don't really know what will happen to the book, but I am guessing that some crafty dude is going to carve something into the book which will then impress me enough to tell Wewo that I will as a matter of fact, marry his dear heart.


Cool! Mail Boxes Etc. offers FREE Gift Wrapping Paper right outside their door!

It will take the package 3 days to get from Malaysia to USA and then who knows how long it will take to get it back? Oh well... a girl with two wedding proposals really can't complain. HOHOHOHOHOHO (。♥‿♥。)

Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Count Wedding Ang Pow Money

With two major weddings set merely six months apart, it is important that I think through matters as thoroughly as I can so I can literally kick back and relax on my big day in January. The monies received on the wedding day can be fun, but it can also be pretty dangerous, what with robberies literally being reported EVERYDAY. Seriously, it's getting very creepy.

Anyway! In case you're interested in figuring out how you can go about counting a whole bulk of money quickly and accurately, you may download the SOP here:

Preview of the PDF file. I'm going to print mine out and laminate it for my wedding day! 

And just in case you're unsure of how much ang pow you should give... here is a Singapore version. Simply swap the $ symbol for RM and add in an extra RM20 and you should have a pretty generous, OK market rate for Malaysian weddings in 2012.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

which wedding card to choose?

How was your Wednesday morning?

This dude tailed my car really close today (while I was doing 100kmph on the highway) and when I signalled and changed to the next lane, he promptly swerved his car in front of me and stepped on his brake. Luckily for the both of us, I am the prudent driver who likes to keep a space of three cars between my car front bumper and the front car, so no collision occurred. The driver then promptly sped off as though to say, "A-ha! That will teach you to drive 100kmph on the KESAS highway, silly girl!" 

I spilled my coffee and was mildly astonished for a few seconds - and then I got really, really excited because it's been awhile since I've met a crazy inconsiderate road bully! I mean, sure, you hear about bad drivers all the time in Malaysia but it's pretty seldom that you encounter one who tries to threaten your life with his own car! O-ho! 

Anyway, the moral of the story is to always keep your distance from the car ahead of you, just in case he is a crazy driver person with no regard for his own safety. Are you a good driver or a bad driver? I have this theory that people who drive recklessly on the road are ugly people who have no money, no future and no heart. Otherwise, why would they throw their lives away so easily? I drive cautiously because I have way too many things I want to do with my life. O sweet sweet life, thine experience is the nectar of my existence! 

Of which I find myself at a crossroad on how I am to go about designing my wedding invitation

Using this theme! EAT, DRINK & BE MARRIED, because Sir Wewo is punny that way, hur hur hur
I quite like the postcard vibe, it will save us the effort of sending elder folks a picture of us married!

This is really cute, you can open it up to reveal a few more cards - invitation, RSVP and map. I really like this, But I'm not sure if I have the energy to make 200 pieces of these. 

Instead of a back postcard, I'll draw a map to the venue, wedding itinerary and GPS coordinates 

The budget for my DIY wedding cards is RM200 or RM1 per card, so it will be interesting to see how I get it done. The envelopes may have an interesting twist too! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my kembara cannot start~

I cuddled his large arm a little closer and whispered conspiratorially, "This is just like a scene in one of my romance novels."
"Romance novels?" he scoffed. "Why are you reading romance novels? You are a living romance novel."

Like the epic hero that he is, my boyfriend cancelled his Important Business Meetings and cleared his schedule just so he could drive over 30km to be with me, which was pretty nice as my Monday morning started out with my car battery deciding to die out on me. Today, I discovered that if I can get through every of life's challenges with this man by my side, I can pretty much do anything.

Seriously, after praying and trying to get my car to start up after 3 hours, I was ready to call it a day and go back to bed. But then he came and made it all better, just like Prince Charming in the fairy tales. Damn.

What my car looked like in the morning
Symptoms: TAK-TAK-TAK sound during key ignition. No signal lights or headlights, but the hazard and door light was working. The heater and radio was dead but the clock was working.

Question of the Day: Is my car battery dead if my car alarm doesn't sound?
The answer is NOT NECESSARILY. My car's alarm worked fine, so everyone automatically diagnosed that there was some "wiring issues" going on, and there was a discussion to have a tow truck come pull my car away. Turns out, all I had was a dead car battery.

Which brings me to my next tip.

As a girl who travels a lot, I take car maintenance very seriously. I had just serviced my car at Perodua TWO WEEKS ago and explicitly asked them to change my car battery (which was past 1 year usage in April), but the dude at the counter said that my car battery is working fine. DO NOT ANY TAKE CHANCES UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP MISSING WORK ON MONDAY. Do your due diligence and change that damn car battery every 365 days and save yourself the headache and drama.

And I've also promised Wewo that I will only get my car serviced at his trusted mechanic from now on, because safety is a priority and all that.

But you know... seriously, I can't complain at all especially since I had a handsome 6 feet tall man come to my rescue because "I am more important than anything else in the world."

Mhm. Exactly.

OK, car issues aside, this is what my freshly dyed hair looks after three washes:

instead of giving me highlights, the hairstylist dyed my hair in two colours

looking exceptionally TIRED today (=____=) 

I really, really, really wanted to bleach my hair but seeing as how I only visit hair salons 3 times every year, the Tenze hairstylist recommended a dual toned hair dye pattern instead. I guess the colour is supposed to get more prominent with more washes.

The Good:
1. No more hair tangles! They combed out all the kinks I had in my hair
2. Nice people
3. No hard sell on any products or services

The Bad
1. It took 5 FREAKING HOURS to get my hair to look "naturally dyed"
2. Expensive, RM380
3. Under-staffed. Despite letting them know that I had to be off by 5.30pm, they kept me in the salon till nearly 7.30pm.

I think I would go back to Tenze Hair Salon  for a haircut and treatment, but I don't think their hair dye style is rebel enough for me. I WANT A LIGHTER COLOUR, but the trip to Bali will probably bleach the colour out for me. Hurray for sunlight!

What I'm reading now. Book One was pretty unbelievable and outrageous, but it's a fun read! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

free iPad!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is official - I have a kick ass boyfriend.

Holy Moly, Wewo bought me an iPad, just FOR FUN!

Complete with additional Bluetooth keyboard because I type a lot. I'm not sure if it's just me being paranoid, but I get tingly senses whenever I use my iPad on my bedsheets. It makes me paranoid that I'm subjecting myself to lots of radiation, especially when the Bluetooth device is turned on. Weird huh! So I only use my iPad at my work table.

Sir Wewo certainly does not do things half-assed. My brand new iPad 2 comes with a fingerprint-free screen protector and pretty pink leather casing, because I'm girlie that way.

So... that explains why I haven't been logging on the past few days. After a long day out, I usually get home, wash my hair and then spend 2-3 hours fiddling about with the iPad. So far, surfing is pretty fun on the iPad but I'm not sure how I feel about writing on it yet. I might use it for fiction writings only. For the moment, the SAMSUNG N150 will still be used for daily writings and blogging. I think.

Kevin & Eve's Wedding at Ciao Ristorante, Kuala Lumpur

I also attended a very lovely garden wedding/dinner reception at Ciao Ristorante, Kuala Lumpur. Definitely highly recommended for those who would like a wedding with a pretty view and the Italian food is yummy. The subject of my wedding preparations also came up several times today, which was when I discovered that:

- most brides take 6 to 12 months to get their wedding gown 
- wedding planners can be affordable and useful

Uh-oh... 7 more months to my wedding, and not much is done yet, simply because I don't think I have to get a lot done beforehand. I think.

Also, despite my 5-hour hair dye ordeal on Thursday, my hair is still an unremarkable brown. More photos tomorrow lor. (=.=);

Friday, June 8, 2012

the perfect house warming gift

Jul is getting married at the end of the month and he's also moving into a brand new renovated home. Since he's about to be my future brother-in-law and we're going to end up growing old together with Mei and Wewo, I thought I would lend him support by giving him a bunch of engineering hardware.

The perfect house warming bucket, courtesy of Martha Stewart
Expensive hardware with a 10% discount, all colour-coordinated, except for the measuring tape.
Hey! Can you spot Oscar's furry legs in this picture?

Oscar!!!! He's going for a really short haircut tomorrow. 

Tah dah! All equipment stowed in a steel backet complete with ribbon. 

All that's missing is a torch light (in case of no electricity) and the present will be good to go! Of course, there's also the matter of lugging it all the way from KL to Penang, ahem.

I got something pretty neat for myself too!

From COTTON ON!!! 

How cute is this! Our very first furniture for our home, but it's currently residing at my work station.

I also changed my hair colour, but I guess that's a separate post for tomorrow. Good night!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

an entire post about hair dye.

Aw man, who knew getting a dye job would be so difficult?

So up till an hour ago, I was pretty firmly latched onto the ombre hair bandwagon, mostly because I had the impression that if I had gradient hair, I might look classy like Lauren Conrad:

But then I realized that unlike Lauren, I'm a dark skinned Asian girl, and I'm not sure if I can pull off any shade of blonde.

And then I saw this and really, really, really liked it:

Kim from Accidental Encounters
And she even had hers done in KL! For cheap! Cha-ching!

But then I later on find out that the pretty pink/purple colour turns into orange after 14 days. While this is unsurprising and wouldn't be a deterrent to me for most days, the fact that I am attending a very important wedding in 14 days is. After all, said wedding belongs to Wewo's brother, which means that my kids and grandkids and great grandkids etc (because photos will never ever fade away or disappear from the Internet) WILL ALL LOOK AT THE PHOTO OF ME, IN ORANGE DYED HAIR and know how goofy I was in 2012. Besides, I'm turning 28 end of this month, and orange hair is just depressing. Nobody looks good in orange hair. Nobody.

So, no. I want to, but I can't. Can I?

Bleach and Hair Dye sitting in my wardrobe, awaiting deployment

As I'll be shopping for dresses to wear at the wedding this weekend, my hair color must be decided by then as we simply do not have the time for anymore tomfoolery.

Stand guard, oh ye of little faith in the power of hair dye!

Anyway, I'm thinking that I might look pretty in a demure marshmallow brown hair color, just like Angelina Jolie.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the day I quit Facebook

Hallejuah! I've successfully completed one whole month without having to log into Facebook every 5 seconds. I used to be that one person in my circle of friends who knew who was engaged to what, who was where doing what and was privy to all Facebook trivia/viral content. I mean, I had to, I made earnings from Facebook, after all.

But, no... Taylor Swift plays the guitar but you don't see her glued on to Youtube and downloading guitar performances everyday, right? There must be more than this provincial life! So for the whole month of May, I kept my head down and only logged on to Facebook for business stuff. And then I promptly shut it down again. I have since then uploaded my engagement announcement photos and have scrolled around to check out if I've missed anything major but other than a hush-hush pregnancy announcement, life goes on ... and suddenly all the extra hours I used to spend on Facebook can be utilized elsewhere!

Like finishing my brand new Outlanders book!

This book is good! Read it! It has a great hero, heroine, sci-fi, time travelling, adventure, Scottish men in kilts, romance,  bromance, ale, muskets, and er, some weird form of rape, but that was like few centuries ago when they punished errant little boys by literally nailing their ear to a post! Sweeeeet. Best of all, nothing permanently bad happens to the heroine! Hurrah for Happy Endings! 

So long, Facebook and thanks for all the fish!

Monday, June 4, 2012

sing a sad song just to turn it around

What do you do when someone pisses you off at work? People always say not to take things personally at work, but I happen to treat stupidity as a very serious matter. Seriously, it's like a spreading epidemic which humanity has yet to find a cure for. I got pissed off today at work, but the interesting thing about EMBRACING the fact that I was ready to shave someone's left eyebrow completely off his/her head is that it made my head clearer. 

Instantly, I knew all of these things: 

Fact #1: Yes, I am pissed because you're so stupid. End of story. 

Fact #2: What can I do to never be in this situation again? I can do XYZ and ABC next time... problem solved.

Fact #3: What can I do now so that I can instantly feel better? I can turn the iMac off and get off work, and forget about the whole thing. Done.   

Fact #4: What do I usually regret doing while I'm being upset? Letting the unhappiness leech into my off-work hours, which I made an effort to reign in. Success! 

Accepting negative emotions and then letting it go is pretty neat, as opposed to boiling yourself over for a couple of hours going, "I'M NOT ANGRY, I'M NOT ANGRY, LEAVE ME ALONE, GARRRRRHH". It was a good thing that I could let it go too, because I wasn't the only one who had a bad day. 

Negative + Negative = Uh Oh! 

Also, as my first reaction to anything bad is to RUN AWAY IMMEDIATELY, I am proud to say that I did not quit or storm off like the spoilt, lucky brat that I am. I will do the professional thing and hold still, because that's what engaged young ladies do. Bravo, little grasshopper. Who says an impatient chic can't be tamed, eh? 

I think it's hilarious that Wewo is six feet tall and I'm only five feet tall, but I'm the impatient, bossy one whereas he's the happy Zen one. Love! 

Also, managed to find pretty cool photographers for the wedding stuff. I'm not sure if I can recommend them yet, but I am feeling pretty good about getting them to shoot photos of us! 

John Poh Photography (for Tea Ceremony, Wedding March, Wedding Reception)

Anna Rina (for ROM)

OK, time to rest and then back to work! Remember, don't let those suckers bring you down!

cheap delicious food in kl/pj and other stuff

Who says practising the Saxophone is sexy? It involves a lot of papers, pencils and Youtube-ing other talented saxophone players. Instead of playing under a moonlight sky, I was bound to a desk under fluorescent lighting. Instead of a barebacked dress, sunglasses and a Santa moustache, I was simply dressed in a t-shirt and clothes. Clothing that can snag onto your saxophone is never a good idea. 

June marks the dawn of a new scoresheet! While my fingers are still stumbling through the alto saxophone version of Mr. Saxobeat, I have begun to tinker along to Adele's "Someone Like You" as well. I don't think I'll ever gather up the nerve (or have enough practise) to perform in front of friends, family and loved ones, but I might play a little to delight my saxophone patron, the delectable, mysterious Mr. Wewo. 

Monthly coloured Freshlook lenses - RM70 per box with two lenses per box. So far, not bad. I wear these for 12 hours without eyedrops and there is no scorching feeling like I just punched myself in the eyeballs when I remove them at night.
Scholl shoes worth RM180 

I also spent a fair amount of money last weekend, mostly on vanity items. Well, the contact lenses was just because I kept forgetting to wear my spectacles and when I did, I grew very quickly annoyed with how the frames fell all over my face. Seriously, can't someone invent spectacles for Asian girls with flat noses? (=___=) I chose gray colored lenses, and it seems to have gained approval. Best of all, I can skip wearing eyeliner now and still have fabulous eyes! Yay!

Did you know that I only wear ONE PAIR of slippers everywhere I go? It has been my habit since I returned from Australia about 5 years ago. Anyway, my recent RM30 black sandals decided to literally break apart after only a few months of usage, which is when I decided that I would like to have regular footwear with more heels this time round. I thought I was being clever by investing in a RM180 pair of Scholl shoes with arch support, but although the arches of my feet are nice and comfortable, I ended up with blisters all over the top of my feet (pictures too disgusting to show). Only a girl would pay nearly RM200 for shoes and still suffer for it. p(´⌒`。q)

Anyway, I have since then used my shoe stretcher to loosen the tightness of the shoe and while it is effective, my feet will have ugly plasters and blisters on it for a while. *sad face* o(╥﹏╥)o

I also bought a bunch of other vanity stuff, but I'm not going to talk about those. Ahem. I need to get my hair fixed next week too, because Wewo's mom has noticed that my hair is a weird shade of brown, blonde, black peppered with stray white hair and has an odd pattern to it, which is fair because my last haircut was 6 months ago. Expensive cute Japanese hairdresser, here I come! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Wewo's parents stopped by KL to deliver some wedding cards, and we had plenty of fun driving around KL/PJ together and bonding over young coconut and freshly fried keropok lekor. Having meals with Penang folks are a challenge, because just like Klang people, we like our food delicious and cheap. Wewo being Wewo, heroically managed to get us to various popular eateries around KL/PJ with affordable pricing.

Dim Sum at Hong Kee, less than RM50 for four people! Read more at Malaysian Foodie.

Chicken Chop from Yut Kee. Read more at  EatingAsia

Salt-baked Tilapia Fish at La-la Chong. Read more at Calvin Kong.

Wewo's parents are fabulous. We brought them to check out our Wedding Venue, and it turns out that they have mutual friends with the wedding venue owners. We then take them to church, and lo and behold, they bump into a Bible Study Fellowship member who is also from Penang! Who parked their car right in front of ours! Fabulous. ♡^▽^♡

I also completed Tina Fey's hilarious book, Bossypants today:

Must read for girls who want to know all about beauty, work, working with women, working with men, beauty tips, survival tips, loser boyfriends, babies, holidays, holidays with families, boys, love, Oprah Winfrey, Captain Hook, Sarah Palin, 30 Rock and interesting bits of SNL 

I am now starting on OUTLANDERS, which has a weird vibe to it. Her husband comes across a ghost-like person just as I was driving towards my car spot, and I nearly had a heart attack as the guard suddenly cycles past from the darkness. But that's just me.  (/_\)

This are is left blank on purpose