Sunday, June 17, 2012

best kueh teow basah everrrr!

We capped off a manic Friday evening with delicious 'kueh teow basah' at Damansara. I would be more specific about the location, except that I couldn't find the signboard and it was pretty dark *sheepish*. Generally, head towards Rasta Food Court and with the food court on your left, keep going straight up the flyover onwards until you see a mosque directly in front of you. Turn right at the junction and park; the Most Delicous Kueh Teow Basah You'll Ever Taste will be on your right with a blue roof top (at least, I think it was blue.. ahem ahem). OMG seriously, the gravy was so delicious that Wewo had to remind me to eat some of the kueh teow too (which was soft but springy, tasty but not overly powering). We had the kueh teow basah special and a glass of pink air bandung each, which was surprisingly not sweet and was also very yummy.

OMG I loved the dish so much that I really wanted to order a takeaway (even though it was nearly 9pm at night, and I really didn't need a midnight supper before bedtime)!

It was a pretty funny situation as the shop lot is literally located in a dark corner along a village-ish sort of area. At some point in time, I had dramatically considered the fact that I might burst a tyre and die in the middle of this forsaken area but the next thing I knew, we were safely parked and I was happily slurping down a plate of noodles! Better yet, Wewo noticed that this large white car actually stopped on the middle of the road, hit his emergency lights and the driver actually got out of his car to help a little baby kitten cross the road. He then promptly returned back into his car and drove on cool as you please, just like a white knight in a white car would.

Seriously, if we were having kueh teow basah in the city area, no one would've cared whether or not a little kitten made it safely across the road. 

Anyway! I highly recommend this place (which I will return to, you have my word!) to all food lovers and budget keepers. Overall, we paid RM22 for four people including 3 plates of kueh teow and 5 drinks... which boils down to approximately RM5 spent for dinner per person. I am going to bring Ami here! 

Also, COTTON ON is currently having a charity thingy where you can buy mineral bottles (see pic above) for RM3-ish and the money will be donated to... somebody. Considering that I will be hitting the island of Penang, then Bali and then Penang again in the span of one month, I went all out and got myself some pretty sunny dresses and a pink hat for the extra beach effect. Dresses that used to cost over RM100 only cost RM30! 

flowers, glitter and light fabric - signs of a girl in love 

I also spent an hour lurking outside MAIL BOXES Pavilion KL today as Wewo stepped in and negotiated the sending of a book for my Wedding Proposal. This was his original proposal idea, way back before he couldn't wait to ask me to marry him --- but then the process took too long and he lost patience and finally proposed to me with a saxophone, the sweet wonderful man!

Anyway, Wewo was pretty adamant about going through with his original proposal anyway, which as much as I gather:

- involves a fantasy book
- involves sending the book to New York, USA
- and then getting the book back, somehow altered

I don't really know what will happen to the book, but I am guessing that some crafty dude is going to carve something into the book which will then impress me enough to tell Wewo that I will as a matter of fact, marry his dear heart.


Cool! Mail Boxes Etc. offers FREE Gift Wrapping Paper right outside their door!

It will take the package 3 days to get from Malaysia to USA and then who knows how long it will take to get it back? Oh well... a girl with two wedding proposals really can't complain. HOHOHOHOHOHO (。♥‿♥。)


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