Monday, June 4, 2012

cheap delicious food in kl/pj and other stuff

Who says practising the Saxophone is sexy? It involves a lot of papers, pencils and Youtube-ing other talented saxophone players. Instead of playing under a moonlight sky, I was bound to a desk under fluorescent lighting. Instead of a barebacked dress, sunglasses and a Santa moustache, I was simply dressed in a t-shirt and clothes. Clothing that can snag onto your saxophone is never a good idea. 

June marks the dawn of a new scoresheet! While my fingers are still stumbling through the alto saxophone version of Mr. Saxobeat, I have begun to tinker along to Adele's "Someone Like You" as well. I don't think I'll ever gather up the nerve (or have enough practise) to perform in front of friends, family and loved ones, but I might play a little to delight my saxophone patron, the delectable, mysterious Mr. Wewo. 

Monthly coloured Freshlook lenses - RM70 per box with two lenses per box. So far, not bad. I wear these for 12 hours without eyedrops and there is no scorching feeling like I just punched myself in the eyeballs when I remove them at night.
Scholl shoes worth RM180 

I also spent a fair amount of money last weekend, mostly on vanity items. Well, the contact lenses was just because I kept forgetting to wear my spectacles and when I did, I grew very quickly annoyed with how the frames fell all over my face. Seriously, can't someone invent spectacles for Asian girls with flat noses? (=___=) I chose gray colored lenses, and it seems to have gained approval. Best of all, I can skip wearing eyeliner now and still have fabulous eyes! Yay!

Did you know that I only wear ONE PAIR of slippers everywhere I go? It has been my habit since I returned from Australia about 5 years ago. Anyway, my recent RM30 black sandals decided to literally break apart after only a few months of usage, which is when I decided that I would like to have regular footwear with more heels this time round. I thought I was being clever by investing in a RM180 pair of Scholl shoes with arch support, but although the arches of my feet are nice and comfortable, I ended up with blisters all over the top of my feet (pictures too disgusting to show). Only a girl would pay nearly RM200 for shoes and still suffer for it. p(´⌒`。q)

Anyway, I have since then used my shoe stretcher to loosen the tightness of the shoe and while it is effective, my feet will have ugly plasters and blisters on it for a while. *sad face* o(╥﹏╥)o

I also bought a bunch of other vanity stuff, but I'm not going to talk about those. Ahem. I need to get my hair fixed next week too, because Wewo's mom has noticed that my hair is a weird shade of brown, blonde, black peppered with stray white hair and has an odd pattern to it, which is fair because my last haircut was 6 months ago. Expensive cute Japanese hairdresser, here I come! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Wewo's parents stopped by KL to deliver some wedding cards, and we had plenty of fun driving around KL/PJ together and bonding over young coconut and freshly fried keropok lekor. Having meals with Penang folks are a challenge, because just like Klang people, we like our food delicious and cheap. Wewo being Wewo, heroically managed to get us to various popular eateries around KL/PJ with affordable pricing.

Dim Sum at Hong Kee, less than RM50 for four people! Read more at Malaysian Foodie.

Chicken Chop from Yut Kee. Read more at  EatingAsia

Salt-baked Tilapia Fish at La-la Chong. Read more at Calvin Kong.

Wewo's parents are fabulous. We brought them to check out our Wedding Venue, and it turns out that they have mutual friends with the wedding venue owners. We then take them to church, and lo and behold, they bump into a Bible Study Fellowship member who is also from Penang! Who parked their car right in front of ours! Fabulous. ♡^▽^♡

I also completed Tina Fey's hilarious book, Bossypants today:

Must read for girls who want to know all about beauty, work, working with women, working with men, beauty tips, survival tips, loser boyfriends, babies, holidays, holidays with families, boys, love, Oprah Winfrey, Captain Hook, Sarah Palin, 30 Rock and interesting bits of SNL 

I am now starting on OUTLANDERS, which has a weird vibe to it. Her husband comes across a ghost-like person just as I was driving towards my car spot, and I nearly had a heart attack as the guard suddenly cycles past from the darkness. But that's just me.  (/_\)


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