Tuesday, June 5, 2012

the day I quit Facebook

Hallejuah! I've successfully completed one whole month without having to log into Facebook every 5 seconds. I used to be that one person in my circle of friends who knew who was engaged to what, who was where doing what and was privy to all Facebook trivia/viral content. I mean, I had to, I made earnings from Facebook, after all.

But, no... Taylor Swift plays the guitar but you don't see her glued on to Youtube and downloading guitar performances everyday, right? There must be more than this provincial life! So for the whole month of May, I kept my head down and only logged on to Facebook for business stuff. And then I promptly shut it down again. I have since then uploaded my engagement announcement photos and have scrolled around to check out if I've missed anything major but other than a hush-hush pregnancy announcement, life goes on ... and suddenly all the extra hours I used to spend on Facebook can be utilized elsewhere!

Like finishing my brand new Outlanders book!

This book is good! Read it! It has a great hero, heroine, sci-fi, time travelling, adventure, Scottish men in kilts, romance,  bromance, ale, muskets, and er, some weird form of rape, but that was like few centuries ago when they punished errant little boys by literally nailing their ear to a post! Sweeeeet. Best of all, nothing permanently bad happens to the heroine! Hurrah for Happy Endings! 

So long, Facebook and thanks for all the fish!


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