Thursday, June 7, 2012

an entire post about hair dye.

Aw man, who knew getting a dye job would be so difficult?

So up till an hour ago, I was pretty firmly latched onto the ombre hair bandwagon, mostly because I had the impression that if I had gradient hair, I might look classy like Lauren Conrad:

But then I realized that unlike Lauren, I'm a dark skinned Asian girl, and I'm not sure if I can pull off any shade of blonde.

And then I saw this and really, really, really liked it:

Kim from Accidental Encounters
And she even had hers done in KL! For cheap! Cha-ching!

But then I later on find out that the pretty pink/purple colour turns into orange after 14 days. While this is unsurprising and wouldn't be a deterrent to me for most days, the fact that I am attending a very important wedding in 14 days is. After all, said wedding belongs to Wewo's brother, which means that my kids and grandkids and great grandkids etc (because photos will never ever fade away or disappear from the Internet) WILL ALL LOOK AT THE PHOTO OF ME, IN ORANGE DYED HAIR and know how goofy I was in 2012. Besides, I'm turning 28 end of this month, and orange hair is just depressing. Nobody looks good in orange hair. Nobody.

So, no. I want to, but I can't. Can I?

Bleach and Hair Dye sitting in my wardrobe, awaiting deployment

As I'll be shopping for dresses to wear at the wedding this weekend, my hair color must be decided by then as we simply do not have the time for anymore tomfoolery.

Stand guard, oh ye of little faith in the power of hair dye!

Anyway, I'm thinking that I might look pretty in a demure marshmallow brown hair color, just like Angelina Jolie.

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