Monday, June 11, 2012

free iPad!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is official - I have a kick ass boyfriend.

Holy Moly, Wewo bought me an iPad, just FOR FUN!

Complete with additional Bluetooth keyboard because I type a lot. I'm not sure if it's just me being paranoid, but I get tingly senses whenever I use my iPad on my bedsheets. It makes me paranoid that I'm subjecting myself to lots of radiation, especially when the Bluetooth device is turned on. Weird huh! So I only use my iPad at my work table.

Sir Wewo certainly does not do things half-assed. My brand new iPad 2 comes with a fingerprint-free screen protector and pretty pink leather casing, because I'm girlie that way.

So... that explains why I haven't been logging on the past few days. After a long day out, I usually get home, wash my hair and then spend 2-3 hours fiddling about with the iPad. So far, surfing is pretty fun on the iPad but I'm not sure how I feel about writing on it yet. I might use it for fiction writings only. For the moment, the SAMSUNG N150 will still be used for daily writings and blogging. I think.

Kevin & Eve's Wedding at Ciao Ristorante, Kuala Lumpur

I also attended a very lovely garden wedding/dinner reception at Ciao Ristorante, Kuala Lumpur. Definitely highly recommended for those who would like a wedding with a pretty view and the Italian food is yummy. The subject of my wedding preparations also came up several times today, which was when I discovered that:

- most brides take 6 to 12 months to get their wedding gown 
- wedding planners can be affordable and useful

Uh-oh... 7 more months to my wedding, and not much is done yet, simply because I don't think I have to get a lot done beforehand. I think.

Also, despite my 5-hour hair dye ordeal on Thursday, my hair is still an unremarkable brown. More photos tomorrow lor. (=.=);


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