Tuesday, June 19, 2012

happy father's day!

So after delivering a very entertaining Mother's Day message via Youtube to Wewo's mom in Penang, it was only inevitable that we would have to top our previous message with an even better one for Wewo's Dad.

We made a parody to the Ghost Buster's theme song, which explains why I have sunglasses and a leather jacket whereas Wewo has a black hat on. Bad ass. I am also dishevelled because by the time we got to recording, it was 8pm on a Sunday.
Wewo says that Api always wanted him to practise Maths when he was a kid lol .
Did you know that Wewo is a genius?
He went from failing his Add Maths to scoring a solid A for SPM in the span of a few days.  

if you're all alone, pick up the phone, and ... call API!  

We did '5 Things We Love About Ami' last time, so Api has '5 Things Api Always Say', just to be refreshing.
And totally bad ass. 

Wewo is explaining the various grunts Api emits, so we had to translate it

Same grunt, different meaning

So there you go! Next time you want to impress a loved one who's far away, record a funny video and send it over! Api was so impressed that not only did he call back, but he also SMS-ed AND e-mailed us the following day. Mission accomplished. It was very gratifying this round, because Wewo's old laptop kept dying on us and I really, really wanted to quickly edit and upload the video before 9PM.

As for my Dad, he received a whole box of Starbucks satchets (which he would never buy for himself, because baby boomers in Malaysia are that way) and a body lifting kit complete with weights and bench press... which I'm too little to lug all the way into his exercise corner. It's the thought that counts anyway, eh?

Few more days to a historical event!


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