Wednesday, June 20, 2012

how i teleported into the future

I haven't been sleeping much lately, because I just discovered that you can read through manga really, really fast with the iPad!

Kaichou wa maid sama desu (The President is a Maid)! 
I'm breezing through this manga pretty fast, mostly because I'd already seen the anime and just wanted to know what happens next. My original intent was to do a Tangled cosplay for Comic Fiesta in December, but I might consider doing a maid cafe cosplay instead! AHHH USUI BAKAAAAA ~ *fan girl scream* I guess if you like nonsensical bishoujo manga, then this manga is definitely a must-read. I like how the girl basically beats all the boys up, too!

Wewo: What time did you sleep yesterday?
Me: I dunno. I closed my eyes and slept, and suddenly I was in the future! 

I am packing up for my Penang trip tomorrow. An epic wedding is going to occur which we will talk about for decades and decades. After that, it will be a three-day work week next week followed by a free trip to Bali with crazy people and my loved one. 

Crazy two weeks ahead + insufficient sleep = Déjà vu !

Good night! Off I go to pack!


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