Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my kembara cannot start~

I cuddled his large arm a little closer and whispered conspiratorially, "This is just like a scene in one of my romance novels."
"Romance novels?" he scoffed. "Why are you reading romance novels? You are a living romance novel."

Like the epic hero that he is, my boyfriend cancelled his Important Business Meetings and cleared his schedule just so he could drive over 30km to be with me, which was pretty nice as my Monday morning started out with my car battery deciding to die out on me. Today, I discovered that if I can get through every of life's challenges with this man by my side, I can pretty much do anything.

Seriously, after praying and trying to get my car to start up after 3 hours, I was ready to call it a day and go back to bed. But then he came and made it all better, just like Prince Charming in the fairy tales. Damn.

What my car looked like in the morning
Symptoms: TAK-TAK-TAK sound during key ignition. No signal lights or headlights, but the hazard and door light was working. The heater and radio was dead but the clock was working.

Question of the Day: Is my car battery dead if my car alarm doesn't sound?
The answer is NOT NECESSARILY. My car's alarm worked fine, so everyone automatically diagnosed that there was some "wiring issues" going on, and there was a discussion to have a tow truck come pull my car away. Turns out, all I had was a dead car battery.

Which brings me to my next tip.

As a girl who travels a lot, I take car maintenance very seriously. I had just serviced my car at Perodua TWO WEEKS ago and explicitly asked them to change my car battery (which was past 1 year usage in April), but the dude at the counter said that my car battery is working fine. DO NOT ANY TAKE CHANCES UNLESS YOU WANT TO END UP MISSING WORK ON MONDAY. Do your due diligence and change that damn car battery every 365 days and save yourself the headache and drama.

And I've also promised Wewo that I will only get my car serviced at his trusted mechanic from now on, because safety is a priority and all that.

But you know... seriously, I can't complain at all especially since I had a handsome 6 feet tall man come to my rescue because "I am more important than anything else in the world."

Mhm. Exactly.

OK, car issues aside, this is what my freshly dyed hair looks after three washes:

instead of giving me highlights, the hairstylist dyed my hair in two colours

looking exceptionally TIRED today (=____=) 

I really, really, really wanted to bleach my hair but seeing as how I only visit hair salons 3 times every year, the Tenze hairstylist recommended a dual toned hair dye pattern instead. I guess the colour is supposed to get more prominent with more washes.

The Good:
1. No more hair tangles! They combed out all the kinks I had in my hair
2. Nice people
3. No hard sell on any products or services

The Bad
1. It took 5 FREAKING HOURS to get my hair to look "naturally dyed"
2. Expensive, RM380
3. Under-staffed. Despite letting them know that I had to be off by 5.30pm, they kept me in the salon till nearly 7.30pm.

I think I would go back to Tenze Hair Salon  for a haircut and treatment, but I don't think their hair dye style is rebel enough for me. I WANT A LIGHTER COLOUR, but the trip to Bali will probably bleach the colour out for me. Hurray for sunlight!

What I'm reading now. Book One was pretty unbelievable and outrageous, but it's a fun read! 


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