Wednesday, June 27, 2012

these shoes are no more meant for walking

nice to see, a pain to wear! 

This pair of bejewelled sandals have served me well. They cost less than RM50 from Opera and lasted over two years before finally falling apart. I'd spent the whole Thursday limping around because the soles of the shoes literally fell off and I could literally feel the gravel and stones and other bumpy stuff as I shuffle all over the place from KL to Klang to Bangsar. *dark clouds* 

My injured feet being observed by an overly eager Oscar
Of course, it didn't help that I had blisters on my foot due to the stupid expensive shoe I just bought from Scholl at the same time.

So all in all, I was having a pretty busy day and the schedule just kept on running as I rushed to get writings done, studio work done and prep for my brother in law's wedding at Penang at the same time.

And then Wewo finally had enough of me waddling all over the place.

So just before I decided to navigate down a steep slope, he promptly picked me up and carried me all the way to my car. 

He carried me like this! <3
And there were people starring and smiling at us, and I burst out laughing due to the giddiness of the entire situation. But there is also a sense of intense pride that this man is mine, and that I don't have to bear and grit through pain alone any more, because that's what husbands do - they stick by you and pick you up every now and then. Of course, it also helps to be only 5 feet tall and have a hunky 6 foot tall boyfriend. Ahem ahem. 

I've sadly read up to the latest issue of Kaichou-wa maid-sama! manga, so I'm back to reading Diana Gabaldon's epic novel. On to book three, I go! 

I will try to update as often as possible, but things are going to get pretty hectic these few days. Oh boy. I've never been to Bali before! 


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