Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the one with the grand wedding

Managed to get ONE solo shot with the pretty bride! Ninja skills +++
 Well! I'm back from a long weekend spent in Penang, eating plenty of food and meeting plenty of soon-to-be relatives! It was awesome! I even received my very own Ang Pow!

So refreshing to meet such nice ladies and gentlemen! 
There was a lot of toasting, hugging, laughing and talking to, which was really, really nice! I hope I'll grow up to be a cheeky, sweet little old lady too, someday. :)

Some photos from my phone

Of course, no epic wedding is complete without someone passing out, plenty of dancing, good food, sharing of old memories and good ol' dramatic scenes. I wouldn't do it again, but boy was it fun! 

And now I'm off to pack again for Bali in two days time. Who needs sleep when there's so much to do?


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