Monday, June 4, 2012

sing a sad song just to turn it around

What do you do when someone pisses you off at work? People always say not to take things personally at work, but I happen to treat stupidity as a very serious matter. Seriously, it's like a spreading epidemic which humanity has yet to find a cure for. I got pissed off today at work, but the interesting thing about EMBRACING the fact that I was ready to shave someone's left eyebrow completely off his/her head is that it made my head clearer. 

Instantly, I knew all of these things: 

Fact #1: Yes, I am pissed because you're so stupid. End of story. 

Fact #2: What can I do to never be in this situation again? I can do XYZ and ABC next time... problem solved.

Fact #3: What can I do now so that I can instantly feel better? I can turn the iMac off and get off work, and forget about the whole thing. Done.   

Fact #4: What do I usually regret doing while I'm being upset? Letting the unhappiness leech into my off-work hours, which I made an effort to reign in. Success! 

Accepting negative emotions and then letting it go is pretty neat, as opposed to boiling yourself over for a couple of hours going, "I'M NOT ANGRY, I'M NOT ANGRY, LEAVE ME ALONE, GARRRRRHH". It was a good thing that I could let it go too, because I wasn't the only one who had a bad day. 

Negative + Negative = Uh Oh! 

Also, as my first reaction to anything bad is to RUN AWAY IMMEDIATELY, I am proud to say that I did not quit or storm off like the spoilt, lucky brat that I am. I will do the professional thing and hold still, because that's what engaged young ladies do. Bravo, little grasshopper. Who says an impatient chic can't be tamed, eh? 

I think it's hilarious that Wewo is six feet tall and I'm only five feet tall, but I'm the impatient, bossy one whereas he's the happy Zen one. Love! 

Also, managed to find pretty cool photographers for the wedding stuff. I'm not sure if I can recommend them yet, but I am feeling pretty good about getting them to shoot photos of us! 

John Poh Photography (for Tea Ceremony, Wedding March, Wedding Reception)

Anna Rina (for ROM)

OK, time to rest and then back to work! Remember, don't let those suckers bring you down!


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