Friday, June 1, 2012

what did I miss?

o what a lovely, productive day! Managed to clear most of the work off my table, so I might quite possibly have a free and easy Friday, perfect for saxophone playing and bustling in the kitchen! *happy beam* I think it's hilarious how I spend 50% of every week working from home but still never have enough time to do everything I have to do. Ha ha ha. (=______=)

As promised days ago, here are some photos from our RM256 dinner (paid in cash) :

At Huck's Cafe! 

We had the salmon and beef. It was lovely! Huck's Cafe is an underground restaurant located near the Bangsar LRT. Must book in advance. More information can be found here: Huck's Cafe Facebook Page
I would definitely visit again, but it is one of those special places reserved for celebrations and quiet moments. Good for birthdays, baby showers, family gatherings, reunions and they also do R.O.M. events. I don't even LIKE salmon, but I would order the baked salmon again! Definitely :D 

Also, we drove to Melaka last weekend because we wanted to show Chagri around the heritage sites. 

Looking super tired because it's the same day I woke up at 5am for the engagement announcement shoot
Also, I kinda felt bad because I'm only at the studio three days a week and didn't really get to hang out with the crazy foreigner. So I decided to pack up a whole bag full of medicine for him to bring around on his travels. Chagri has endured numerous food poisonings, fever and cough spells during his journey to Asian countries. The dude even ate ice in Bali! 

Medicine must be tapped with instruction in English.


Aaaaand finally, I ordered an impromptu present for my darling Wewo, because his bag had a broken zipper:

COACH satchel bag for men! 
How pretty is this! This bag only has one zipper, so it will be interesting to see how long this bag will last. I estimate 5 years, but Wewo is offering to use this bag until Armageddon comes. He has a lot Penang boy charms. *wet, loving eyes*

Our Facebook Engagement Announcement album is doing very well with over 60 likes per Profile...
 but we only aim to cater to 150 people at our wedding... so.... 

So far, this book is kinda cool.

Life is really, really positively good right now. It turns out that I'm going on an impromptu all-expenses paid trip to Bali, and Wewo is allowed to come along! June is all about shopping, dresses, weddings, family and my birthday.

OK! Time to wash my hair.


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