Saturday, July 28, 2012

today's title is: never boil purple cabbages, kids.

Yesterday I impulsively decided that we'll be having vegetables as a main course for the whole week. I bought everything from orange carrots to white radishes, green spinach and yellow capsicum. I started out the pseudo vegetable diet with a noodle soup broth featuring purple cabbage like so:

Two hours later, I discovered that the purple-ness of the cabbage leeched out into the rest of the soup, so I ended up with purple colored potatoes, purple hued mushrooms and indigo colored noodles. Wewo drank everything up like the awesome dude he is, but I had a hard time getting over the fact that everything was... purple colored. Is that normal? =.=

Moral of the story: Never, NEVER boil purple cabbages.

I also randomly got Wewo a big plastic bottle because he drinks more coffee than he does water. To make the bottle look less girly and more meaningful, I also randomly doodled smarmy things like "I LOVE YOU" on the water bottle. You know... just in case anybody teases him about carrying a girlie bottle around.

All you need is 5 minutes of your time, some sharpies and a white marker pen

Friday, July 27, 2012

rainbow cake = gay

Does this look gay to you?

Wyman's Birthday Cake

As the second oldest in the studio (ahem), I have taken it upon myself to be the Cake Provider for everybody's birthday. The boys acted very excited when they saw the cake and insisted that I gave Wyman a gay birthday cake. You eat the cake then you will become gay!

Hello! Long time no see! This is my office-business look
But we ate it all up anyway, and it was delicious because it's EXPENSIVE rainbow cake. I didn't have the heart to tell them that the name of the cakes is "DREAMS COME TRUE", because... that will only prompt even more gay jokes.

I have been very distracted and distant for the whole week because I discovered the awesome manga, SKIP BEAT last Saturday, which rated number one on for good reason.

Oh man, it is the most riveting manga I've read in a very long time

It might look like a love story kind of manga, but it's not. Seriously, the dude doesn't even get to hold the heroine's hand after 190 chapters. Well, not legally and honestly anyway. Cough. I've also read through GOOD ENDING, but I find that manga pretty long-winded and dramatic for the flimsiest of reasons.

After breezing through 190 chapters of good manga material, I'm now back to the real world with:

The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.
Apparently it's the Japanese version of Sun Tzu's Art of War.

And I know that it is wrong, but the moment I heard that Kristen Stewart was having an affair with a director, my immediate thought was that, "BING! Robert Pattinson is SINGLE now." Wheee. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

mmm aaaa mmm

Roses and Oscar! 
It's almost 1:30AM right now, which is perfect for last minute ranting before I head off to sleep. I have to be up by 7am because we have like a bazillion bunch of things to do tomorrow, two of which are time sensitive.


So I picked Wewo up from work today and he surprised me with roses, for no reason other than wanting to say that I Love You. Seriously, the dude literally walked out of a romance novel and right into my life. :)

Today at work we talked about how many ex-boyfriends/girlfriends we have and demon exorcism. In another issue, I might also be on the brink of suing a housing developer for a property.

OK, that should be enough for now. Let's take this in baby steps, shall we? Good night, and let's hope that Wewo will be impressed with my messy bedroom tomorrow (^_^);

Friday, July 20, 2012

back to regular programming

tired, sleepy, productive and excited.

I dropped by JPN yesterday so I could ask to get married. MARRIED. KAHWIN. 婚姻. 

I haven't unpacked from my latest trip from Penang and have still lots of writing, meetings, reading and learning to do before the end of the month. Aaaaaand I'm taking up saxophone classes again starting August. Pre-marital counselling class starts in September. And inbetween somewhere I am planning a wedding and figuring out how to get certified in PHP, Ruby, HTML5, etc. 

Will get back to blogging again tomorrow. :3 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress(es)

Here are some shots of me trying on wedding dresses! 
So I'd spent last Sunday trying on some wedding dresses and here are my tips:

Tip #1. Wear a nubra. Otherwise, you will end up flashing your lady parts at the poor bridal assistant who will be at hand to zip and tie you up into each and every outfit. While you're wearing a nubra, wear very nice panties also, because you are definitely going to end up flashing your best friend and bridal shop assistants as you tumble out of one big wedding gown into another wedding gown. You have no choice. Don't fight it, and try to embrace this with as much dignity as possible.

Tip #2. Wear makeup, but do not wear lipstick. I stained a white gown, much to the chagrin of one of the bridal shop assistants. Lipstick stains are very difficult to remove. I'M SO SORRY!!!! (=_____=)

Tip #3. Bring a hair tie or clip to put your hair up, because it really makes a difference to how your outfit will look like

Tip #4. Stand as though there is a string on top of your head that's puling your head upwards. There you go - now you're standing tall and proud, which is exactly what a bride should be. Do not hunch, and you should probably learn how to balance on 4-inch high heels before your gown fitting.

Tip #5. Always make an appointment before visiting your bridal studio.

And... that's it. True to my nature, I only visited two bridal shops before making my decision and then spent the rest of the day gossiping with my best friend over Pavlova and lasagna. Oh, bestie has another tip for you guys, too:

Tip #1. There will always be a better wedding dress, so the more you look, the more you can't decide.

I can't sleep these days, and I can't decide if it's because I just watched Daniel Radcliffe's "Woman in Black" or if I can't stop thinking about weddings. So I'm off to drink some Yomeishu and call it the night as I have a couple more busy days to go through.

I'm heading back to Penang again this Saturday. Another important girl in my life is getting married on a Tuesday. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dinner at Rakuzen, G Tower

Do you remember being a grubby little kid and wishing really, really hard that you would quickly grow past 21 so you could do bad ass grown up stuff and get away with it?

Dinner at Rakuzen, G Tower. Try the curry rice and ice-cream desserts! 

I think that wish came true tonight. Well, maybe I already had the freedom and respectability to do whatever I liked for a few years now, but tonight was pretty rad. I'm pretty sure the 8 year-old version of myself would never believe that twenty years later, I would be sitting at a table filled with interesting characters, eating expensive sushi and laughing over exotic jokes. 

I don't exactly know when Life just got generally better and more posh for me, but I do know that everyday has become pretty fun since I met Wewo. So I'm off to bed now, slightly over weight and over fed, but overall very happy because a girl can't really complain when she has everything in her pocket. 

Also, I'm taking a break from writing tomorrow to unpack, get a haircut, groom Oscar (again!) and narrow down my search for THE wedding gown! 

Only ONE DAY to do all of the above! And then we'll get back to the regular writing program again on Friday. Yosh! Good night! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

holy crap

So I finally weighed myself today after indulging in a wedding, a birthday bash and a holiday in Bali --- and discovered that I've gained 2kg! I'm 53kg now!

Normally, I would brush it all off, because I tend to shed off holiday fat pretty quickly.

The problem is that I already promised my Maid of Honor that we would go wedding gown shopping this weekend, which means that I'll have to figure out how to get skinny again in just four days.

birthday bash at bali!

chillin' with the crew at Jimbaran, Bali

I must have done some pretty sweet things in my life, because Life is pretty Awesome right now. All a girl really needs is a pretty beach, funny people and the Love of Her Life by her side on her birthday to make everything fun.

I'm back, but I'm also overloaded with work! Will blog more tomorrow! (^_^) Peace out, and Happy 28th to me! Yay!

This are is left blank on purpose