Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dinner at Rakuzen, G Tower

Do you remember being a grubby little kid and wishing really, really hard that you would quickly grow past 21 so you could do bad ass grown up stuff and get away with it?

Dinner at Rakuzen, G Tower. Try the curry rice and ice-cream desserts! 

I think that wish came true tonight. Well, maybe I already had the freedom and respectability to do whatever I liked for a few years now, but tonight was pretty rad. I'm pretty sure the 8 year-old version of myself would never believe that twenty years later, I would be sitting at a table filled with interesting characters, eating expensive sushi and laughing over exotic jokes. 

I don't exactly know when Life just got generally better and more posh for me, but I do know that everyday has become pretty fun since I met Wewo. So I'm off to bed now, slightly over weight and over fed, but overall very happy because a girl can't really complain when she has everything in her pocket. 

Also, I'm taking a break from writing tomorrow to unpack, get a haircut, groom Oscar (again!) and narrow down my search for THE wedding gown! 

Only ONE DAY to do all of the above! And then we'll get back to the regular writing program again on Friday. Yosh! Good night! 


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