Saturday, July 21, 2012

mmm aaaa mmm

Roses and Oscar! 
It's almost 1:30AM right now, which is perfect for last minute ranting before I head off to sleep. I have to be up by 7am because we have like a bazillion bunch of things to do tomorrow, two of which are time sensitive.


So I picked Wewo up from work today and he surprised me with roses, for no reason other than wanting to say that I Love You. Seriously, the dude literally walked out of a romance novel and right into my life. :)

Today at work we talked about how many ex-boyfriends/girlfriends we have and demon exorcism. In another issue, I might also be on the brink of suing a housing developer for a property.

OK, that should be enough for now. Let's take this in baby steps, shall we? Good night, and let's hope that Wewo will be impressed with my messy bedroom tomorrow (^_^);


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