Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tips on Choosing Your Wedding Dress(es)

Here are some shots of me trying on wedding dresses! 
So I'd spent last Sunday trying on some wedding dresses and here are my tips:

Tip #1. Wear a nubra. Otherwise, you will end up flashing your lady parts at the poor bridal assistant who will be at hand to zip and tie you up into each and every outfit. While you're wearing a nubra, wear very nice panties also, because you are definitely going to end up flashing your best friend and bridal shop assistants as you tumble out of one big wedding gown into another wedding gown. You have no choice. Don't fight it, and try to embrace this with as much dignity as possible.

Tip #2. Wear makeup, but do not wear lipstick. I stained a white gown, much to the chagrin of one of the bridal shop assistants. Lipstick stains are very difficult to remove. I'M SO SORRY!!!! (=_____=)

Tip #3. Bring a hair tie or clip to put your hair up, because it really makes a difference to how your outfit will look like

Tip #4. Stand as though there is a string on top of your head that's puling your head upwards. There you go - now you're standing tall and proud, which is exactly what a bride should be. Do not hunch, and you should probably learn how to balance on 4-inch high heels before your gown fitting.

Tip #5. Always make an appointment before visiting your bridal studio.

And... that's it. True to my nature, I only visited two bridal shops before making my decision and then spent the rest of the day gossiping with my best friend over Pavlova and lasagna. Oh, bestie has another tip for you guys, too:

Tip #1. There will always be a better wedding dress, so the more you look, the more you can't decide.

I can't sleep these days, and I can't decide if it's because I just watched Daniel Radcliffe's "Woman in Black" or if I can't stop thinking about weddings. So I'm off to drink some Yomeishu and call it the night as I have a couple more busy days to go through.

I'm heading back to Penang again this Saturday. Another important girl in my life is getting married on a Tuesday. :)

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