Saturday, July 28, 2012

today's title is: never boil purple cabbages, kids.

Yesterday I impulsively decided that we'll be having vegetables as a main course for the whole week. I bought everything from orange carrots to white radishes, green spinach and yellow capsicum. I started out the pseudo vegetable diet with a noodle soup broth featuring purple cabbage like so:

Two hours later, I discovered that the purple-ness of the cabbage leeched out into the rest of the soup, so I ended up with purple colored potatoes, purple hued mushrooms and indigo colored noodles. Wewo drank everything up like the awesome dude he is, but I had a hard time getting over the fact that everything was... purple colored. Is that normal? =.=

Moral of the story: Never, NEVER boil purple cabbages.

I also randomly got Wewo a big plastic bottle because he drinks more coffee than he does water. To make the bottle look less girly and more meaningful, I also randomly doodled smarmy things like "I LOVE YOU" on the water bottle. You know... just in case anybody teases him about carrying a girlie bottle around.

All you need is 5 minutes of your time, some sharpies and a white marker pen


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