Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the girl with tangled dragon hair

Dear Diary,

No stressing about life's woes today --- let's just talk about my fabulous new haircut!

It was a challenge to get a shot of my entire hairstyle as it's shoulder length at the front but long at the back. PERRRRFECCTT for a girl who can't cut her hair super short (yet) but can't stand waiting 2 hours for her hair to dry up before she can go to bed or style her hair like a normal person. I did mine plus hair treatment at Glamor House, Bangsar. It can cost up to RM400, but I had a Groupon voucher. Heh heh heh. And the stylist guy is really nice, although he really didn't like me at all. I would go back there and have him cut my hair again though! He has really good taste!

"Can you feel it? Your hair so much tangle."

(15 minutes later)

"Your hair really a lot of tangles."

"If this is normal human hair, your hair would have fallen out a lot already!"

(I have very strong healthy hair)

"Please la, pretty girl need nice hair OK! Don't waste!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm nearly 30 and I still haven't gotten used to combing my hair out everyday. I didn't used to have to comb my hair because I had elephant straight hair, and the hair tangles only started becoming a very real, very serious issue after I had my hair digitally permed this year. Having said that, I would probably end up perming my hair again though, except I'd do it when I have uber short hair. Heh. I know. I am bad ass that way.

I had my hair cut the day before my wedding photoshoot (ahem ahem). For the ROM, I'm considering lightening my hair color. We shall see!

Ooh, and also, I bought a red Canon Camera off the Internet last weekend:

Looking forward to shooting some awesome photos during the Singapore trip next month! Whee!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

cooking tips

Sleepy! I was up at 7 this morning, which confused everybody HAHAHAHAHA. I'll tell you all about why I'm attempting to wake up earlier and earlier these days in about 30 days. As the saying goes, if they don't know your dreams - they can't crush it!

I used to prep all the ingredients in advance and freeze everything in ziplock bags. But then I realized that defrosting cut vegetables and meat together in a bag is no fun, and it actually looks kinda gross.

It took me this long to figure out that I could just chop everything up separately and enjoy unfrozen, fresh produce everyday.
So instead of freezing everything like I used to, I just chop and separate all my vegetables now. Here's a good tip for you: chopped potatoes must be submerged in cold water until it's ready to be cooked. Otherwise, your potatoes will turn an icky brown color! The good news is that brown colored potatoes are still edible, although not very appetising.

Bento fruits are also very easy to make, but I find that the redness of the dragon fruit tend to seep into the rest of cut fruits. Here's another pro tip for you:

How to keep cut apples from browning
1. Cut your apples 
2. Soak your apples in Sprite or 7up for approx 5-6 minutes
3. Drain your cut apples and store 
4. Enjoy! 

Yay! No more rushing through apple slices! :D 

OK! I'm going to pass out now. Night night~ 

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Post about Losing Things (aka HABIB JEWELS SUCK!!!)

After the tragedy, we took a long, long look at this and broke into laughter. I think that if I can go through every trial by giggling and laughing, I think I will have a really good life with this guy. 

Brace yourself, OK? This is a bitter-sweet post.

I've honestly never been good with rings. Like, not just the cheap RM20 custom rings but even branded ones as well. Case in point - my very first college boyfriend bought me a platinum ring from TOMEI and in less than one year, the damn ring broke in half. Have you ever had to explain to your loved one how you managed to break a white gold ring in half? Ho boy. 

Come to think of it, I've even broken white gold necklaces before. Those buggers just fall right off my neck as though they're allergic to my skin or something. 


My engagement ring, which I've only started wearing since April (and was purchased in February this year) BROKE. 

Cue: Heart Break 

Of course, I naturally felt super sad and super guilty, because this ring was bought with Wewo's first big pay cheque. Sure, HABIB can fix it for free, but since the hairline crack will always be there, there will always be a possibility that the damn diamond will fall out. 

The kicker is that after we sent the ring to a third party expert, I found out that IT WASN'T EVEN MY FAULT! The ring broke because: 

a) The material composition was wrong, which made the ring clasp too brittle. The band may be 18k gold, but the clasp used may be only 9k.
b) The prongs for the diamond may have already been broke before purchase. 

Anyhow, don't buy anything from HABIB, especially if you intend to buy a family heirloom that will last forever and ever. HABIB rings only last for four months. 

The good news is that I have a brand new engagement ring now, one which was bought from a high end family diamond shop at Bangsar (because if anything happens to my new engagement ring, I can personally hunt the owner down. Ohohoh. Muahaha) and... it's extra shiny and pretty and totally modern. So... with the bad, comes the good. I highly recommend that you purchase rings at Radiance Diamond. They are diamond wholesalers too, so you can purchase any form of jewellery based on your budget. 

Lesson of the Week
1. Some items should not be bargain purchases, such as engagement rings that are to be family heirlooms
2. Never ever go to Habib

As for my very, very first wedding engagement band, I'm thinking about redesigning it so I can still wear it. But that is another story for another day.

Right now, I'm kinda contemplating on whether or not I should cause some trouble for Habib. Should I? 

p/s - Nigelsia will be filming my wedding, thanks to the help from a very good friend! You know who you are! (^_^) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

our wedding comic book cover!

Nice or not? One of the perks of having a really, really, really small wedding is that you can actually afford to personalize your wedding door gifts! Since we won't be projecting baby photos and videos on a projector, we decided to create our very own comic book instead! Inside will be information about our family, our hobbies, how we fell in love and how he proposed. In technicolor! Yay! 

Wewo says that I have become exceedingly creative since I started working in the studio. Of course, the downfall with being a Creative Pam though is that I've failed to figure out how I'm going to print 150 copies of a 10-page comic book in technicolor. I could always just use my inkjet printer, I guess. Hur hur hur.

Monday, August 13, 2012

you win some, you lose some

Last week was all about flower arrangements for the wedding. I was quoted nearly RM1,000 for a bride bouquet and four bridesmaid bouquets.

Fake pomander flowers, only RM18 per piece purchased at a random shop at Tesco, Bukit Tinggi Klang

So then instead of purchasing fresh flowers for my wedding, I resorted to cute little pomander balls for the bridesmaids.They look so pretty in photos aaaaaand instead of costing me nearly RM500, these bunch of babies only cost me RM72. Meanwhile, I reselected my own fresh bouquet so that it now only costs RM100. Yay. One point for Conscious Consumerism!

But then I blew off the money I saved from the flowers on a really, really expensive teapot. HAHAHAHHAHA.

my very first family heirloom.

Royal Selangor. 'Nuff said.

Wewo's family has this tradition where the kids of the household must serve tea to the elders every Chinese New Year. So, we decided to bring that tradition over to our own family... and it felt right to invest in a fancy set of teapot and cups for special occasions. My hands literally turned cold as I purchased the teapot because I could see myself being served tea from this teapot when I'm aged 80, and still awesome. Our parents will be the first to drink tea from this teapot during our wedding tea ceremony, too.

Think about it - generations of Pam's and Wewo's will be serving tea from this pewter teapot. Shivers. Well, fingers crossed that it will last that long!

Speaking of heirlooms...

I got them rings!!!! 

HABIB is having a 50% discount off everything, so we finally have wedding rings. It was affordable enough that I could get three shiny diamond stones for my ring, too! Wewo, being the authentic Penang boy that he is, immediately confessed that when he perishes, he would like all our jewellery to become family keepsakes as well, to be passed on to the next versions of Pam's and Wewo's.

Aaaaaaannnddd, we quite possibly found a really nice resort-like place to live in, within our budget and 15 minutes drive from Wewo's workplace. All is good in the world again, if only I could learn how to better juggle sleeping, work, studio work and wedding planning.

Let's bring it, Monday!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

no pressure

Cannot sleep, fussing over home matters.

It occurs to me that I will be moving out in three months to live with my newly minted husband. Our criteria:

i) Budget below RM1,500 (In KL, rent at pretty places can go up to RM6,000)
ii) Safe
iii) Near enough so we only need to spend less than 30 minutes going to work everyday

Yes, Pam, thinking about these things at 2 in the morning will not exactly make decision planning any easier. So I shall go to bed soon.

We dropped by DeGem today to look at wedding rings, but I don't think we will get any. The rings we liked cost nearly RM10,000. This is me now, the budget conscious bride. Wewo thinks it's endearing because I seem to struggle with spending money on our future stuff.

I think it is endearing that I am getting married to a man who can tell the sales girl to give me anything I want, at whatever the cost. But I won't, because as much as I like shiny things, I like counting money in the bank much, much better. I am Chinese, after all.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

the hedge of protection

Do you believe in God?

Some pretty unspeakable things have been occurring in my life these past few weeks, and it came to a point where Wewo's mom actually sat us down and prayed for us, along with the rest of his family. Having someone pray for you is not only sweet and comforting, but it can also be downright chilling, especially when said prayer person is highly favoured by God.

For example, it fixed my car. The prayer to God actually FIXED my car!

So the green 'D' light in my dashboard burnt out TWO YEARS ago. I've been meaning to fix it on and off every time I drop by the garage to service my car, but I either forget about it, or the service centre runs out of the light bulb. So I never ever got around to getting it fixed, and immediately after prayers are done, the green bulb lights up the moment I shift gears. Creepy. But a good kind of creepy.

Evidence that God is with me.

I looked up the Hedge of Protection prayer, and came up with a rough draft of what Wewo's mom prayed for us:

Heavenly Father, I (we) ask You to place a hedge of protection around me (us). It hides me (us) from the enemy, familiar spirits, any and all demon spirits, making it difficult, if not impossible for them to effectively track or trace me in the realm of the spirit. There shall be no perforations or penetrations to these hedges of protection according to your word in Psalm 91. I(we) know that You will answer this prayer because I (we) love You and I(we) trust in Your name only.  I pray that Your blood Lord Jesus will cover me(us) and all that You have given me(us).  That the enemy will not have access to what has been given to me(us).Thank you for your divine protection in Jesus Name, Amen.

It is not exactly the same prayer, but God hears all prayers all the same, eh? I will just leave this here, just in case someone needs help.

For the record, bad luck still seems to follow me around. But I do feel safer and blessed, somehow. :3

Did I mention that I skipped last week's Baptism class due to the double-whammy sickness? Ho boy, wait till I tell him that I don't really want to get baptised (yet), and that all I really want is to get a pastor to bless our matrimony in January. Ohohohoho.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In sickness and in health

No more travelling for awhile. Work, save money, work, go for classes. Rinse repeat. 

So as if it wasn't tragic enough that I had a bad case of food poisoning (which is still ongoing, I might add, SERIOUSLY), I also contracted urinary tract infection (UTI) as a result of not eating/drinking properly in the past 3 days.... by the way, it's OK to talk about UTI now because I'm an engaged woman and therefore am circling very close to the region known as "Aunty status", where talk about flatulence, hurling and diarrhoea are all considered very healthy subjects. Ohohohoho.

How to Cure UTI 
1. Drinking 8 glasses of water consecutively will not cure UTI immediately. It will only make you miserable.
2. Drinking cranberry juice when you already have UTI will not cure UTI.It will only make you miserable. And poor.
3. Get to the pharmacy ASAP and look for URAL or Urine Alkalinizer. Try to pay for your stuff at the counter when there are no cute guys around to check you out.
4. Take the sachet of URAL or Urine Alkalinizer with a glass of COLD water and feel immediate relief. I know. Who knew sitting still could feel this AWESOME, right?
5. If symptoms persist after 24 hours, drop everything and see a doctor because you don't want your liver or kidney to get infected with the stupid virus.
6. Take the pain medication and swallow whatever controlled items your doctor gives you. Finish the medicine or your UTI will come back with a vengeance. Viruses take payback very, very seriously.
7. Try not to get UTI ever again.

sick face

I always look good when I'm sick. It's weird, right? While it is true that I am not wearing any make up, it is also true that I am covering up half my face. But that's also because I wanted to showcase my new manicured nails.

Braided Nail Polish which I did at home, couresty of cutepolish on Youtube
OK, I need to wake up in 5 hours. I just dramatically left work today to go see the doctor, so I'm pretty sure I'm in a whole lot of trouble when I get to the studio tomorrow.

Good night!

P.S. I'm reading Game of Thrones now, and it is kinda AWESOME except I haven't gone to the sad parts yet, and I'm pretty sure there are sad parts in it because Wewo won't tell me anything, except to not get too attached to the wolves

Thursday, August 2, 2012

how i poisoned myself.

Photo credits to klwheretogo

So yesterday I cooked this pot of delicious pepper chicken porridge for dinner and shortly after that, ended up with food poisoning. There was no hurling involved, but I woke up at 3 in the morning with the feeling an invisible force twisting my intestines round and round, just for the fun of it. This feeling would continue to last for the next several hours before disappearing and then reappearing again throughout my entire Thursday.

Feeling annoyed at myself for literally POISONING MYSELF, I then spent the rest of the day semi-eating and drinking fresh clean water before finally caving into hunger at 6pm. Just to further punish my stomach, I had a nice big bowl of nyonya laksa all to myself, even though curry, milk and chili should be one of the last things you eat while you're having a queasy rebellious stomach. I know, I am unpredictable and bad ass that way.

Wewo ate the same thing and only reported some gurgling in his belly. He is otherwise, quite fine and functional.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

another smarmy post

ho boy, it's going to be August in 7 minutes!

My Surprise Birthday Cake at Jimbaran, Bali.
No make up, because who wears makeup to the beach, eh? (=.=)

This means that I am now 28 years old and 1 month old! Ho boy, I have 11 more months before I turn 29 - time sure does fly by when you're having fun. I think I'm going to be one of those chics who just offhandedly call themselves 30-ish when they grow past 30. Ha ha ha.


Sadly, July was a month of stress, melodrama and half-finished wedding plans. I'm back to working full time again, so fingers crossed that I get to juggle everything all at once until January 26th which is in.... 5.5 months. Did I mention that my pre-wedding shoot is this month too? Did I mention that I have yet to lose any KG for the wedding? OHOHOHOHO

We are celebrating a (kind of) Promotion @ Smokehouse, Bangsar
Everyday is fun. I am learning, upgrading, saving, dreaming, praying and hoping. August means starting my Saxophone class, going for some Baptism class (even though I'm not getting baptised... I think), getting a new client and shopping for our very own mini-humble abode to shack up in before our own house is ready. August is busy.

But if it's with this fuzzy guy, I think it'll be worth the effort! 

This are is left blank on purpose