Tuesday, August 28, 2012

cooking tips

Sleepy! I was up at 7 this morning, which confused everybody HAHAHAHAHA. I'll tell you all about why I'm attempting to wake up earlier and earlier these days in about 30 days. As the saying goes, if they don't know your dreams - they can't crush it!

I used to prep all the ingredients in advance and freeze everything in ziplock bags. But then I realized that defrosting cut vegetables and meat together in a bag is no fun, and it actually looks kinda gross.

It took me this long to figure out that I could just chop everything up separately and enjoy unfrozen, fresh produce everyday.
So instead of freezing everything like I used to, I just chop and separate all my vegetables now. Here's a good tip for you: chopped potatoes must be submerged in cold water until it's ready to be cooked. Otherwise, your potatoes will turn an icky brown color! The good news is that brown colored potatoes are still edible, although not very appetising.

Bento fruits are also very easy to make, but I find that the redness of the dragon fruit tend to seep into the rest of cut fruits. Here's another pro tip for you:

How to keep cut apples from browning
1. Cut your apples 
2. Soak your apples in Sprite or 7up for approx 5-6 minutes
3. Drain your cut apples and store 
4. Enjoy! 

Yay! No more rushing through apple slices! :D 

OK! I'm going to pass out now. Night night~ 

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