Tuesday, August 7, 2012

In sickness and in health

No more travelling for awhile. Work, save money, work, go for classes. Rinse repeat. 

So as if it wasn't tragic enough that I had a bad case of food poisoning (which is still ongoing, I might add, SERIOUSLY), I also contracted urinary tract infection (UTI) as a result of not eating/drinking properly in the past 3 days.... by the way, it's OK to talk about UTI now because I'm an engaged woman and therefore am circling very close to the region known as "Aunty status", where talk about flatulence, hurling and diarrhoea are all considered very healthy subjects. Ohohohoho.

How to Cure UTI 
1. Drinking 8 glasses of water consecutively will not cure UTI immediately. It will only make you miserable.
2. Drinking cranberry juice when you already have UTI will not cure UTI.It will only make you miserable. And poor.
3. Get to the pharmacy ASAP and look for URAL or Urine Alkalinizer. Try to pay for your stuff at the counter when there are no cute guys around to check you out.
4. Take the sachet of URAL or Urine Alkalinizer with a glass of COLD water and feel immediate relief. I know. Who knew sitting still could feel this AWESOME, right?
5. If symptoms persist after 24 hours, drop everything and see a doctor because you don't want your liver or kidney to get infected with the stupid virus.
6. Take the pain medication and swallow whatever controlled items your doctor gives you. Finish the medicine or your UTI will come back with a vengeance. Viruses take payback very, very seriously.
7. Try not to get UTI ever again.

sick face

I always look good when I'm sick. It's weird, right? While it is true that I am not wearing any make up, it is also true that I am covering up half my face. But that's also because I wanted to showcase my new manicured nails.

Braided Nail Polish which I did at home, couresty of cutepolish on Youtube
OK, I need to wake up in 5 hours. I just dramatically left work today to go see the doctor, so I'm pretty sure I'm in a whole lot of trouble when I get to the studio tomorrow.

Good night!

P.S. I'm reading Game of Thrones now, and it is kinda AWESOME except I haven't gone to the sad parts yet, and I'm pretty sure there are sad parts in it because Wewo won't tell me anything, except to not get too attached to the wolves


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