Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the girl with tangled dragon hair

Dear Diary,

No stressing about life's woes today --- let's just talk about my fabulous new haircut!

It was a challenge to get a shot of my entire hairstyle as it's shoulder length at the front but long at the back. PERRRRFECCTT for a girl who can't cut her hair super short (yet) but can't stand waiting 2 hours for her hair to dry up before she can go to bed or style her hair like a normal person. I did mine plus hair treatment at Glamor House, Bangsar. It can cost up to RM400, but I had a Groupon voucher. Heh heh heh. And the stylist guy is really nice, although he really didn't like me at all. I would go back there and have him cut my hair again though! He has really good taste!

"Can you feel it? Your hair so much tangle."

(15 minutes later)

"Your hair really a lot of tangles."

"If this is normal human hair, your hair would have fallen out a lot already!"

(I have very strong healthy hair)

"Please la, pretty girl need nice hair OK! Don't waste!"

HAHAHAHAHAHA I'm nearly 30 and I still haven't gotten used to combing my hair out everyday. I didn't used to have to comb my hair because I had elephant straight hair, and the hair tangles only started becoming a very real, very serious issue after I had my hair digitally permed this year. Having said that, I would probably end up perming my hair again though, except I'd do it when I have uber short hair. Heh. I know. I am bad ass that way.

I had my hair cut the day before my wedding photoshoot (ahem ahem). For the ROM, I'm considering lightening my hair color. We shall see!

Ooh, and also, I bought a red Canon Camera off the Internet last weekend:

Looking forward to shooting some awesome photos during the Singapore trip next month! Whee!

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