Monday, August 27, 2012

The Post about Losing Things (aka HABIB JEWELS SUCK!!!)

After the tragedy, we took a long, long look at this and broke into laughter. I think that if I can go through every trial by giggling and laughing, I think I will have a really good life with this guy. 

Brace yourself, OK? This is a bitter-sweet post.

I've honestly never been good with rings. Like, not just the cheap RM20 custom rings but even branded ones as well. Case in point - my very first college boyfriend bought me a platinum ring from TOMEI and in less than one year, the damn ring broke in half. Have you ever had to explain to your loved one how you managed to break a white gold ring in half? Ho boy. 

Come to think of it, I've even broken white gold necklaces before. Those buggers just fall right off my neck as though they're allergic to my skin or something. 


My engagement ring, which I've only started wearing since April (and was purchased in February this year) BROKE. 

Cue: Heart Break 

Of course, I naturally felt super sad and super guilty, because this ring was bought with Wewo's first big pay cheque. Sure, HABIB can fix it for free, but since the hairline crack will always be there, there will always be a possibility that the damn diamond will fall out. 

The kicker is that after we sent the ring to a third party expert, I found out that IT WASN'T EVEN MY FAULT! The ring broke because: 

a) The material composition was wrong, which made the ring clasp too brittle. The band may be 18k gold, but the clasp used may be only 9k.
b) The prongs for the diamond may have already been broke before purchase. 

Anyhow, don't buy anything from HABIB, especially if you intend to buy a family heirloom that will last forever and ever. HABIB rings only last for four months. 

The good news is that I have a brand new engagement ring now, one which was bought from a high end family diamond shop at Bangsar (because if anything happens to my new engagement ring, I can personally hunt the owner down. Ohohoh. Muahaha) and... it's extra shiny and pretty and totally modern. So... with the bad, comes the good. I highly recommend that you purchase rings at Radiance Diamond. They are diamond wholesalers too, so you can purchase any form of jewellery based on your budget. 

Lesson of the Week
1. Some items should not be bargain purchases, such as engagement rings that are to be family heirlooms
2. Never ever go to Habib

As for my very, very first wedding engagement band, I'm thinking about redesigning it so I can still wear it. But that is another story for another day.

Right now, I'm kinda contemplating on whether or not I should cause some trouble for Habib. Should I? 

p/s - Nigelsia will be filming my wedding, thanks to the help from a very good friend! You know who you are! (^_^) 


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  3. a diamond for my habib bangle falls out, can i send it to habib for repair?

    1. Hi! No, Habib does not do repair work. I recommend that you contact Jane from Materialise Creativity:

      They were the ones to help in repairing my ring and they were great. :)


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