Monday, August 13, 2012

you win some, you lose some

Last week was all about flower arrangements for the wedding. I was quoted nearly RM1,000 for a bride bouquet and four bridesmaid bouquets.

Fake pomander flowers, only RM18 per piece purchased at a random shop at Tesco, Bukit Tinggi Klang

So then instead of purchasing fresh flowers for my wedding, I resorted to cute little pomander balls for the bridesmaids.They look so pretty in photos aaaaaand instead of costing me nearly RM500, these bunch of babies only cost me RM72. Meanwhile, I reselected my own fresh bouquet so that it now only costs RM100. Yay. One point for Conscious Consumerism!

But then I blew off the money I saved from the flowers on a really, really expensive teapot. HAHAHAHHAHA.

my very first family heirloom.

Royal Selangor. 'Nuff said.

Wewo's family has this tradition where the kids of the household must serve tea to the elders every Chinese New Year. So, we decided to bring that tradition over to our own family... and it felt right to invest in a fancy set of teapot and cups for special occasions. My hands literally turned cold as I purchased the teapot because I could see myself being served tea from this teapot when I'm aged 80, and still awesome. Our parents will be the first to drink tea from this teapot during our wedding tea ceremony, too.

Think about it - generations of Pam's and Wewo's will be serving tea from this pewter teapot. Shivers. Well, fingers crossed that it will last that long!

Speaking of heirlooms...

I got them rings!!!! 

HABIB is having a 50% discount off everything, so we finally have wedding rings. It was affordable enough that I could get three shiny diamond stones for my ring, too! Wewo, being the authentic Penang boy that he is, immediately confessed that when he perishes, he would like all our jewellery to become family keepsakes as well, to be passed on to the next versions of Pam's and Wewo's.

Aaaaaaannnddd, we quite possibly found a really nice resort-like place to live in, within our budget and 15 minutes drive from Wewo's workplace. All is good in the world again, if only I could learn how to better juggle sleeping, work, studio work and wedding planning.

Let's bring it, Monday!


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